With special thanks to my brother & Accor, Zen and I enjoyed a free scrumptious seafood buffet at the Baygarden restaurant. On a Saturday night dinner, this was worth $62 per person! Novotel Brighton Beach offers panaromic views of the airport and seaside. The restaurant captures this stunning environment with outdoor seating and a tropical interior design.
Desserts included mini fruit flans, a very luxurious sticky date pudding, mini orange and chocolate cakes, tiramisu, carrot cake, fruit salad, bread & butter pudding and lots of other tiny delicate things.

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - mini fruit flan

Mini Fruit Flan

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - sticky date pudding

The Sticky Date Pudding was smothered in a rich butterscotch sauce. The sweetness was indulging and every bite was so moist. Yum…

Novotel Brighton Beach - orange and chocolate cake

Mini Orange and Chocolate Cakes

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - chocolate cake

Another Chocolate Cake

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - mini-cakes and other desserts

Other desserts…

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - - fruit salad, carrot cake, tiramisu, sticky-date pudding

This was my plate of dessert, which featured the fruit salad, carrot cake, tiramisu and a yummy sticky date pudding.

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - - pumpkin, olives in rosemary olive oil

Roast Pumpkin and Olives with Rosemary… lovely when dipped with the freshly baked sourdough loaf.

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - - stir-fried king prawns

Stir-Fried King Prawns

 Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - salads


Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - - seafood of king prawns, Nambucca oysters and balmain bugs

The seafood section consisted of smoked blue lip mussels, smoken salmon with capers, Nambucca oysters, balmain bugs, king prawns & blue swimmer crabs.

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - - rockmelon and seafood salad

A refreshing salad of rockmelon and mixed seafood.

Novotel Brighton Beach - Baygarden Seafood Buffet - - cold meats and terrine

Selections of cold meats and terrines.
The hot food was slighly disappointing. It was made up of farfelle pasta with blue cheese sauce, grilled chicken thigh with red wine sauce, roast potatoes which were cold and dry, roast pork, char-grilled vegetables and others.
However, who can complain of a free meal? The salad offering and endless flow of fresh seafood was overwhelming… luckily I had come prepared with a larger-fit shirt which hid the extra bulge ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks again Roland… and happy birthday Zen.
Baygarden Buffet on Urbanspoon
Baygarden Restaurant
Level 3, Novotel Brighton Beach
Cnr of The Grand Parade & Princess Street
Brighton Le Sands
Tel: 9556.5111

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  • Zen

    Wow, What a nice site you got here ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks Jen for taking me to the buffet to eat, it was very sweet of you ๐Ÿ™‚ and thanks to Roland for providing the food! hahaha…
    Since you didn’t add this in. The seats near the window have wooden floors, and whenever someone gets up to grab food, it makes a squicky sound, like when the Titanic was sinking… or a whale was singing or something…
    Novatel, please change the floors ๐Ÿ™‚
    The food was pretty nice, I liked the mussels! and all the other seafood stuff!
    Happy Birthday to Me! lol