Another day gone, means another day for Jap! Further to my consistent cravings for true Japanese food, my sister took us to Ramen Kan. These noodle houses are plentiful in Japan and are found almost as often as any chain fast food outlet here. As soon as you enter from the shabby elevator (where I’m informed of its tendency to break down), you’re immediately exposed to a tight well-decorated space. The decor consists of pebbles, bamboo shoots and wooden furnishings… an absolute contrast to the fugly entrance.
Ramen Kan is known for its casual dining and of course -ramen. The service was pretty average, as they squashed our table for 6 onto a small table for 4. I found this relatively hard to enjoy my meal whilst elbows and chopsticks were colliding. Nonetheless, I happily slurped up my spicy Tan Tan Ramen. Ramen Kan overall offers casual dining and decent Japanese food at a fraction of the cost.

Ramen Kan - tonkotsu

Tonkotsu ramen

Ramen Kan - tempura udon

Tempura Udon

Ramen Kan - tan tan ramen

Spicy Tan Tan Ramen
The soup base was a little on the salty side, but was full of the fatty pork flavour. The sliced leeks were refreshing and cut through the richness of the chilli’s, garlic and fried shallots.

Ramen Kan - seafood ramen

Seafood Ramen

Ramen Kan - condiments of chilli, fried garlic and shallots

Condiment of chilli with fried shallots and garlic

Ramen Kan - miso based tonkotsu

Miso-based Tonkotsu

Ramen Kan - gyoza

Gyoza and Salad which was served with the Miso-based Tonkotsu as a set.

Ramen Kan - chicken karaage ramen

Chicken Karaage Ramen
Ramen-Kan on Urbanspoon
Ramen Kan
Level 1, 90 Hay Street, Haymarket

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