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Sydney Beijing Restaurant

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Zen’s constant craving for Peking Duck drove him into taking me to Sydney Beijing Restaurant, at Ashfield. We chose the Sydney Beijing Restaurant because after a quick search in Google, we couldn’t help but notice the number of Chinese bloggers commenting at this restaurant’s similarity to the authentic flavours in Beijing.

Sydney Beijing Restaurant - Salt and Pepper Squid

This must be the worst tasting salt and pepper squid ever! Way too much batter, the squid was overcooked and tough, and it wasn’t tossed in any seasoning!

Sydney Beijing Restaurant - sizzling beef with vegetables

Sizzling Beef and Vegetables on a pan. I was expecting this dish to be served on a hot pan… but it was literally served on a cooking pan! As with most traditional Chinese restaurants, the food was far too oily. However, Zen and I still fought for the braised eggplant.

Sydney Beijing Restaurant - duck soup

The duck soup was compliementary with the Peking Duck. There was plenty of salty goodness from the duck’s marinade… but was unfortunately also filled with MSG.

Sydney Beijing Restaurant - peking duck

15 minutes after the dishes were served, out came the Peking Duck. It was served with sliced cucumber, a mixture of hoisin sauce and plum sauce, slivered shallots and steamed pancakes. What can I say? I came here for an authentic meal! Did the original Peking Duck really have this much meat still attached to the skin?

Sydney Beijing Restaurant - peking duck

Sydney Beijing Restaurant - peking duck

Sydney Beijing Restaurant - duck stir-fry noodles

I don’t know why Zen and I always over-estimate the amount of food we eat. As pretty as these noodles look, I was too full to eat any.
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Sydney Beijing Restaurant
333 Liverpool Road, Ashfield
Phone: (02) 9716 5523

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