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It is always such a challenge to capture a great shot indoor, especially when it is dark. So I set my exposure… ISO at 400… turn off the flash, and on the macro, and thought I was ready. The photos turned out quite disappointing, but the food was too good not to post. So here they are… nothing a little bit of Photoshop can’t fix right?

Eat City - interior

This is the interior of Eat City… there’s a lovely French antique ambience…
The French Yum-Cha is priced per person. For 3 items to share it is $27, 4 items $36 and 5 items $45. Trying quite hard not to over-order, we opted for the 3 items to share. To start off, we had the soft shelled crab… chilli salt crust, fennel, ginger and oyster mushrooms. The fennel salad was a refreshing balance with the crusty crab. However, you really need the wood-fired bread to offset the amount of salt on the crabs.

Eat City - soft shelled crab

Soft-Shelled Crab
Next was the risotto stuffed squid, which was perfect… the squid encased a creamy tomato-based seafood risotto.

Eat City - squid stuffed with risotto

Risotto stuffed squid
The Wagyu is one of Eat City’s signature dishes. It is wood roasted rare and served with potato gratin and red wine jus. Absolutely delicious!

Eat City - rare wagyu

Wagyu Rump
Once we had finished the 3 yum-cha dishes, a mouth-watering dessert trolley was wheeled our way… priced at $8.50 each, I thought it was great that we were able to look (and drool) at all the desserts before committing to one.

Eat City - cherry and chocolate mousse

Cherry and Chocolate Mousse

Eat City - chocolate tart

Chocolate Tart

Eat City - warm ginger and pear tart

Pear and Ginger tart. This wasn’t as sweet as it could have been… but I still loved it. It was served warm with ice-cream.
I love Eat City! Amazing food, gorgeous interior, a fab array of dishes on the French Yum-Cha menu and it was really a great way to share supurb food with a small group of friends.
Eat City
Level 1 – City Hotel, 349 Kent Street Sydney
Tel: 9262 5900
Opening hours: Lunch – Monday to Friday, 12 noon til 4pm & Dinner – Wednesday to Friday, 6 – 10pm.
Web: www.eatcity.com.au

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