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Zen was back on Friday night after his first working week in Wollongong; so we caught up over an initimate dinner at Rise. Heading straight to Darlinghurst after work, we were rather early… though this meant we were able to grab the cosy window seat 🙂

Rise restaurant - interior

The restaurant’s interior reflected owner chef Hideki Okasaki’s Japanese / European fusion style.
The menu was really impressive and forced a battle in my mind between the degustation or the a la carte. There’s actually 30% off the Omakase menu on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, but we decided go for the whole experience anyway. The degustation it was.
First of the 7 dishes was the chicken and tofu salad. The tofu was chilled and silky soft. Its flavour was so refreshing with the crisp spanish onion and shallots, and the chicken was tossed in a flavoursome sesame and miso sauce. Mmmm, give me more.

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation- chicken and tofu salad with sesame miso sauce

chicken and tofu salad with sesame miso sauce
Next was the soup, which was cleansing and fragrant with kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass. The fried tofu and calamari mince had such a nice complimenting texture.

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation- clear broth with fried tofu stuffed with calamari mince

clear broth with fried tofu stuffed with calamari mince
Aww, sashimi. Check out this piece of artwork! It was so beautiful… each shot glass was filled with such tender flavours.

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  sashimi


Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation- king fish sashimi

king fish

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation- salmon sashimi


Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation- oyster


Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation- jewfish sashimi

And then we had the seasonal plate which consisted of:

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  spicy tuna tartare in wonton cup

spicy tuna tartare in wonton cup

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  soft shell crab sushi roll

soft shell crab sushi roll… spiced with paprika… yummm

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation- cured salmon with spiced mayo

cured salmon with spiced mayo

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation- seasonal plate

seasonal plate
The pasta dish featured lightly blanched rice noodles with shredded green papaya and a large scallop which was seared to perfection. Topped with dill, coriander and chilli, this dish was uber tantalising.

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  grilled scallop with rice noodle and green papaya salad

grilled scallop with rice noodle and green papaya salad

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  steamed rudder fish wrapped with banana leaf and served with zucchini flower tempura

steamed rudder fish wrapped with banana leaf and served with zucchini flower tempura

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  steamed rudder rish with shitake mushroom and Chinese choy sum

Inside the banana leaf was a tender piece of rudder fish, some shitake mushrooms and Chinese choy sum.

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  miso soup

miso soup

Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  dessert


Rise restaurant, Omakase degustation-  berry granita with panna cotta

berry granita with champagne infused panna cotta
I heart Rise.
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Rise Restaurant
23 Craigend Street, Darlinghurst
Phone (02) 9357-1755
Web http://www.riserestaurant.com.au

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