This post was due a few weeks back when I was craving Yakiniku. Nagoya doesn’t compete against Iwa in terms of class, style and presentation… but hey! It’s a buffet. That’s right -all you can eat for 1.5 hours.

yakiniku mesh / Nagoya

There are various buffet options with respective prices. I went for the Wagyu and sashimi option which includes the following and much, much more:

wagyu / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

We munched down 2 huge plates of Wagyu. Sliced paper thin, the well-marbled and endless supply of wagyu was a dream come true. The custard was steamy hot and silky as it should be. It was fragrant with the shitake mushrooms… well worth the 15 minute wait.

custard with shitake mushrooms and dried shrimp  / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

custard with shitake mushrooms and dried shrimp
This was my first taste of yukke… and I think it was also my last. The raw beef looked slimey and unedible. It was rich with sesame oil and creamy with the egg yolk… but my taste buds didn’t enjoy it.

yukke  / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

The takoyaki balls were yummy! No where as good as in Osaka but still delicious.

takoyaki (octopus balls) / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

takoyaki (octopus balls)

king prawns / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

king prawns… stil frozen

vegies / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney


edamame / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney


jellyfish and cucumber salad / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

jellyfish and cucumber salad

seaweed soup / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

seaweed soup

sashimi / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney


unagi (eel) / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

unagi (eel)

more beef / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

more beef

beef & tripe / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

beef & tripe

grill @ $1 each / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

Yakiniku mesh charged at $1 each.

seating & tables / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

… And we finally finished the 1.5 hour of gorging with a last order of ice-cream and oranges.

icecream and oranges / Nagoya Yakiniku, Chinatown Sydney

Another popular buffet yakiniku is Suminoya… which i will visit soon.
Nagoya Takiniku
Tel: (02) 9212-0007
Shop 3, 78-86 Harbour St, Sydney

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  • Jamie

    hi thanks for a great post! 🙂
    i tried doing a google on this place but couldn’t find it. just wondering how much the buffet costs?

  • Jen

    Hi Jamie, they have a few options starting from around $20-something to $40-something.

  • Your photography is awesome! I’ll have to go and check the place out.

  • Jen

    Thanks cafedave! Yes, Nagoya Yakiniku is worth a visit. I must also check out Suminoya…

  • Disgusted

    DO NOT EAT HERE!!!!!!!
    I found a post from one of the staff working at Nagoya Yakiniku claiming that they recycle their customers un-eaten food for other customer.
    Apparently they are quite un-hygienic in their dishwashing too.
    The post I found (In Japanese) was at….

  • Jen

    Hi Disgusted, I did a google Japanese to English translation of that page… hmmm… Just wondering if health authorities have been involved? The food did seem pretty fresh and the place was clean-ish that night…
    Thanks for letting me know though. I still haven’t visited Suminoya yet!!