Hawker food was certainly one of the highlights of this trip. For as cheap as $1, or $5 at most, you can explore the tastiest chicken in glutinous rice, satay, char kway teow, laksa… and the list goes on.
Here’s a bit of what I ate:

Singapore's hawker food - fruit stall: attap seed sticks, pineapple, agar agar, strawberries, soursop

At the bottom of an Orchard Road shopping mall, this fruit stall had it all. Attap seed sicks, pineapple, agar agar, strawberries, soursop, red and white dragonfruit, sweet pear, papaya, apples, fresh dates, cherry tomatoes, chiku (aka sapodilla) and watermelon.

Singapore's hawker food - fruit stall: red and white dragon fruit, sweet pear, papaya, apples, fresh dates, cherry tomatoes, chiku (sapodilla), watermelon

Also at the same place, there was this amazing Chilli Padi store…

Singapore's hawker food - Chilli Padi store at a Orchard Road shopping mall, women preparing my laksa

Singapore's hawker food - Chilli Padi, Assam Laksa

Assam Laksa

Singapore's hawker food - Chilli Padi, Nonya Laksa

Nonya Laksa
The next day, we checked out another hawker centre near Bugis Street Markets. My favourite was the Nasi Lemak; the coconut rice was delicious and aromatic, the sambal sauce was perfect with the anchovies and peanuts… and the fried chicken wing and egg simply completed this yummy brunch.

Singapore's hawker food - A food stall near Bugis Street Markets

Singapore's hawker food - Near Bugis Street Markets, golden fried goodness

Singapore's hawker food - Fried bee hoon

Fried bee hoon (vermicelli)

Singapore's hawker food - Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

Singapore's hawker food - Fish balls noodle soup

Fish balls noodle soup

Singapore's hawker food - congee


Singapore's hawker food - fresh and warm soya milk

Fresh soya milk which was still warm
On a separate day, at Smith Street Chinatown, I finally tried the fried oyster omelette. My Dad had mentioned this popular Teochew dish many times before… it was indescribably good!

Singapore's hawker food - fried rice on banana leaf from Smith Street, Chinatown

Fried rice on banana leaf
This next photo breaks my heart… my younger brother fell sick with a fever. Here he is, with a few tears down his cute chubby cheeks –

Bryan fell sick with a fever

Singapore's hawker food - Smith Street Chinatown: Fried Oyster stall

Omelette stall on Smith Street Chinatown

Singapore's hawker food - Smith Street Chinatown: fried oysters with lots of chilli sauce

Fried oyster omelette with lots of chilli sauce

Singapore's hawker food - Smith Street Chinatown: 2nd serving of fried oysters

Singapore's hawker food - Smith Street Chinatown: chilli crab

chilli crab
And from a few random places, inbewteen my shopping mission, I picked up the following:

Singapore's hawker food - 2 types of jackfruit

2 types of jackfruit, neatly peeled

Singapore's hawker food - curry puff

curry puff

Singapore's hawker food - egg cooked in five spice

egg cooked in five spice

Singapore's hawker food - crispy pancake with coconut

crispy pancake with coconut

Singapore's hawker food - fried prawn biscuit

fried prawn biscuit
[EDIT: 10/01/2008] Oops, left out these 2 yummy little things…

Singapore's hawker food - banana and prawn dragon beard dumpling

banana and prawn dragon beard dumpling

Singapore's hawker food - luohan longan herbal drink

luohan, longan, winter melon & red dates drink

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  • All that food looks so good. Reminds me of my trip to thailand, especially those crispy pancakes. They are the best!

  • Jen

    Hi Susan, haha… yup, sure love the hawker stalls in Asia!

  • Love sgp foods 🙂