As I’m making my way to Shanghai Night (confusingly, the dumpling / noodle house next door), a woman fiercely slides open the door of New Shanghai and beckons us to sit down.
The menu was practically identical to its rival except this place was cleaner, brighter and dare I say better?
Replacing the torn fluoro menu posters were LCD TV’s… and the corner table and chair was transformed into a modern open kitchen. Throughout the night, I watched as the cook effortlessly kneaded the dough and wrapped trays after trays of dumplings and buns.

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield - woman in kitchen rolling dough and wrapping dumplings

These are my absolute favourite. They’re steamed mini pork buns, which are also known as ‘xiao long bao’. I love how they’re steamed to perfection… the first bite always lets out a squirt of steam and soup which is ofcourse full in pork, ginger and soy flavour. They were delish!

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield - steamed shanghai style mini pork buns

Soon after, these uber crispy dumplings arrive. They’re exactly what we wanted. Piping hot pastry with tender juicy morsels of pork mince and coriander inside.

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield - pan-fried pork and coriander dumplings

pan-fried pork and coriander dumplings
The Shanghai-style spicy noodle soup with bamboo, pork and beancurd was good too. Although I still preferred the handmade noodles at Northern Noodle House in Haymarket.

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield - shanghai style spicy noodle soup with bamboo, pork and beancurd

The bill came to $25. A bargain for 2 full bellies!
New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon
New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
273 Liverpool Road Ashfield
Call (02) 9797 7284

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  • Zen

    woohoo!! I am craving those mini buns again

  • Shanghai nights still seems to taste better than New Shanghai (Even though they’re supposed to be owned by the same people now?)

  • Mmm – xiao long bao… I’ve got a request Jen! Can you do top 5 xiao long bao in Sydney? The thought of Top 5 Sydney dumpling is also making my mouth water.

  • Zen – Woot! We should try makes these @ your kitchen over the long weekend?
    SoRMuiJAi – I’ve tried Shanghai Night before but actually preferred New Shanghai! Yea, I’ve heard that they’re owned by the same people now too, although it looked to me like there was some aggressive competition going on!

  • lisa

    i’ve tried both and agree with the other comment, Shanghai nights still better 🙂

  • Daniel.P

    Oh my god…dumplings and noodles (my 2 favorite foods!). I’m definitely going to visit that place. The Disqus looks nice too.

  • lisa – hehe, i think i'[ll have to give Shanghai Night another try!
    Daniel.P – You should probably visit both restaurants & let me know which is the best! I still prefer New Shanghai…
    Zondar – I couldn’t keep it to 5… so here’s my top 6 –
    1. New Shanghai, Ashfield
    2. Shanghai Night, Ashfield
    3. Din Tai Fung, World Square
    4. Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Restaurant, Haymarket/ Chinatown
    5. Chinese Noodle Restaurant, Haymarket / Chinatown
    6. Taste 101, Auburn

  • mmm… i bought some xiao long baos from Best Tastes Dim Sim in Flemington today… it’s a pack of 50 for $22! now i just need to perfect the steaming…hehe.. Best Tastes Dim Sim Shop 7 16-20 Henley Rd, Homebush West, NSW 2140 (02) 8746 0498