You know you’re in Melbourne once you’ve eaten breakfast or brunch out, more than dinner.
Madame Sousou is a Parisian cafe/restaurant on busy Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. They have an amazing breakfast menu which stretches from housemade toasted fruit and nut museli to baked eggs with basque style tomato sauce, chorizo and fresh mints. I adored the alfresco street seating and gorgeous French decor indoors.

Madame Sousou - breakfast at Melbourne (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) cafe: street seating
Street seating

Madame Sousou - breakfast at Melbourne (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) cafe: elegant Parisian decor
Interior Parisian decor

Madame Sousou - breakfast at Melbourne (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) cafe:  cappuccino coffee

My English breakfast tea was served on a pretty vintage tea tray. And good tea, it was.

Madame Sousou - breakfast at Melbourne (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) cafe: loose leaf english breakfast tea
English breakfast tea

Zen’s big breakfast was a gourmet adventure. We appreciated the artfully cooked double smoked bacon which had crispy edges but was not overdone and the scrumptious array of organic sausages, housemade hashbrown, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and ciabatta toast. I was green with envy until my zucchini and sweet corn fritters arrived. Topped with Tasmanian smoked salmon, avocado salsa and chive creme fraiche and served with a side of rocket, the flavours were so well refined and simply delicious.

Madame Sousou - breakfast at Melbourne (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) cafe: the big breakfast with double smoked bacon, organic sausage, housemade hash fritter, roasted tomato, mushrooms and ciabatta toast
The Sousou big breakfast

Madame Sousou - breakfast at Melbourne (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) cafe:  zucchini and sweet corn fritters topped with tasmanian smoked salmon, avocado salsa and chive creme fraiche
Zucchini and sweet corn fritters

Madame Sousou - breakfast at Melbourne (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) cafe:  Jennifer Lam eating breakfast
I’m eating

Madame Sousou - breakfast at Melbourne (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) cafe
On the street

Madame Sousou
231 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria
Phone: +61 3 9417 0400

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  • :O I envy you both as they all looks soooo good! Melbourne has soo much good food I must venture there sometime!

  • Wow, looks fantastic Jen! Such a massive portion of scrambled eggs! Zucchini fritter presentation has stolen my heart… yum.
    Lucky you weren’t there for the heatwave…x

  • Ohhhh the mushrooms! *sigh* I find it so hard to get a good side of mushrooms in Sydney… might have to do a trip to Melbourne!

  • Jen

    FFichiban oh yes, I love Melbourne’s culture! When you go, make sure you book Vue De Monde in advanced! Because my trips are always spontaneous, I always seem to miss out.
    Christie hehehe… i think the bread was beneath the egg so made it look like more than it was, but both of us were stuffed silly and still had bits left on our plates!
    shez oh yes! the mushies were good! the hash brown was superb too!


    I’m a French backpacker girl and I were working there really hard for one month (many times on double shift 17hours a day!) and at the end of the month THEY DIDN’T PAID ME!!
    They refused to declare me to avoid taxes so I couldn’t do anything legally to get my money because I were working cash in hand!
    The boss seems really nice so I felt confident but in fact he’s a real unscrupulous robber and he does that often to only backpackers people, I met many other stranger who had the same bad experience! He’s never employing Australian people to not having a bad reputation but he really deserve the worst reputation!
    So even you know they treat nicely the patrons, please don’t go there anymore, boycott this restaurant cause you’ll give money to bad people!! There is so many other nice restaurant in Melbourne, I’m sure you can have a nice moment somewhere else..
    Telling what happened to me is the only solution I’ve got to try to stop him to do that to others backpackers like me, tell everybody you know about my story and I hope when he’ll loose many patron and many money, he’ll regret his act.