This is it. This is my favourite fish and chip takeaway shop.
And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Ocean Foods recently won the prestigious Best Fish And Chips In Sydney award (Seafood Excellence Awards).
Battered fish and chips are one of those meals that are better bought than homemade, that is, unless you have one of those commercial type fryers at home. I’ve learnt that for best results, a double fry is recommended. This is something Ocean Foods has perfected. Their batter is consistently crisp and clean. I’ve become a fan of their battered mussels, fish and pineapple fritters. The chips are pretty average here (the usual thick frozen type) but the homemade potato scallops are solid gold.

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - selection of fresh cooked to order seafood
Selection of fresh seafood

Also on offer are gourmet, in terms of price and flavour, salads and a huge display of ready to cook seafood. Barramundi in a myriad of flavours, kebab skewers, salt and pepper calamari, lobster mornay, BBQ seafoods, sushi, sashimi… and the list goes on.

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - salads

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - fresh seafood ready to cook
Fresh ready to cook seafood

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - more seafood at fish and chip takeaway shop
More seafood

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - counter and extensive menu
The counter and part of the extensive wall menu

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - honey, chilli and garlic barramundi
Honey, chilli and garlic barramundi

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - seafood kebab stick with king prawns, barramundi, calamari, scallop in cajun space
Seafood kebab stick with king prawns, barramundi, calamari, scallop

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - homemade potato scallops and battered mussels
Homemade potato scallops and battered mussels

Oceans Food, Lyons Road, Drummoyne - cold seafood prawn platter with sydney rock oysters, smoked salmon, seafood salad and octopus vinaigrette
Cold seafood prawn platter with Sydney rock oysters, smoked salmon, king prawns, seafood salad and octopus vinaigrette

I’m a regular here and have been for several years. While the prices have slowly risen, the quality remains top notch. When you visit, keep in mind they don’t take card transactions. So come early to avoid the chaos and grab a seat at their newly built seating area or take it to the park down the street. Just be prepared to wait if you’re late 🙂
Ocean Foods on Urbanspoon
Ocean Foods
154 Lyons Road, Drummoyne
Phone: (02) 9181 4336

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  • so i was about to say that i’d been here before and enjoyed it but not to the point of declaring it best in sydney… and then i saw the barra. oh. my. word!
    revisit scheduled? check!

  • wow – it all looks super fresh
    i went to the mars bar fish and chips place in bondi- but didnt feel lie fried mars bar (or maybe cos everyone was tellin me it wasnt nice)

  • Yay, this is my favourite fish and chip shop too! I love the sign outside that says ‘The best fish and chips in the universe’. Will have try the potato scallops next time though, they look so good.

  • Awesome blog!
    Ooh, this is one of the best looking fish and chip shops I have seen! Everything looks so fresh and there is so much variety.
    I wonder whether there is anything like this in Melbourne?!

  • wow that barramundi does it for me. I wonder if they do burgers, fish n chip shops often make quite a mean burger!

  • might check it out this sunday if time permits to check out the potato scallops.
    simon 🙂

  • isLa

    I went there today for the second time after reading your post… (first time was after reading NQN’s).. Today I tried their battered mussels and gosh, they were marinated perfectly! loved them a lot… I found the kebab to be too salty though.. (had their prawns & scallops one)