Win tickets to Sydney's Good Food and Wine Show
Every Sydney foodie has the Good Food and Wine Show marked in their diaries, but which lucky JENIUS readers are going in for free? Here is your chance to score one of two double entry passes (valued at $55) which includes entrance to MasterChef Australia Live2.
Simply leave a comment on this post in 25 words or less and tell me what your favourite part of the show is you love most about the Good Food and Wine Show and why.
Competition closes one week from now, on Thursday 25th June, 2009 at 11:59pm AEST.
For more information about the Good Food and Wine Show, visit
Terms and Conditions
1 Prizes are non-refundable
2 MasterChef Australia Live passes are only valid on the Saturday 4 July at 1:45pm – 2:15pm and are non-transferrable.

This competition has now closed.

Thank you for these fantastic entries. Congratulations to Garry and Young Nic, and I hope to see everyone at the Sydney Good Food and Wine Show! x

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  • My favorite part of the show is when they go ‘shopping’ in the pantry for ingredients. That pantry is like heaven!!

  • Marcel

    MasterClasses are the highlight for me and to see ‘add a knob of butter’ on every dish.

  • Sorry about the ambiguity guys! The question refers to the Good Food and Wine Show -I will accept your entries anyway 😉

  • I’ve not been, but it seems there’s much to love. Cheese masterclass! Ramsay! Wine theatre! A veritable cornucopia of palpatory delights for the food obsessed.

  • Everything! Samples, freebies, the demos, celebrity spotting, foodbloggers – all under one heaving, crowded roof.

  • Georgia Trikilis

    I’ve never been to the show… but I’d sure like to go and find out what my favourite part is 🙂

  • it would be soaking up the culinary and gastronomic atmosphere of the event which will drive my taste buds crazy!

  • Dean

    its gotta be the celebrity chefs.. love them or hate them, the show provides an opportunity to meet them and share in their passion for food!!

  • karina

    TRying all the free samples and not having to buy lunch

  • Emily

    unlimited food & booze!and buy those things that go around your neck so you can put your wine glass in!no hands needed!

  • Belinda Oerlemans

    I love the new products on the market and equipment. Its great to keep up to date!

  • Karen

    Leaving with more confidence/ideas to try new cooking recipes and styles than when I walked in!

  • Sampling everything that is available and stocking up the pantry with stuff you would normally never get!

  • Tori

    Meet that British dude who’s well-known for being rude.
    He’s bitten more than can be chewed, but I just want to taste his food!

  • Annie

    So I can get another insulated “Good Food & Wine Show” shopping trolley!! =)

  • Elly Bailey

    I love this great show ! The atmosphere is fantastic. Watching the chefs, tasteing new products, meeting the reps! Its an unforgetable experience!

  • Nerida

    The Cheese Masterclass looks good. I know I love some cheeses, but I don’t know why!

  • renata

    I love food, the diverse culture of food that this show brings is just incredible.

  • Lisa Sherack

    Hubby & I love the fair, it has such a huge variety of items that we both enjoy the day immensely!

  • Laura Jilka

    I’d love to see the chefs cook,
    Far more interesting than learning from a book!
    Picking up new ideas,
    And tackling any gourmet cooking fears!

  • Maz P

    Good food, good wine… As a coeliac I’d like to see,
    Gluten-free fare, Helps my cupboards not be too bare.

  • Rowena Baciu

    Samples, samples, samples!! I love spending time cruising all the wonderful food and wine booths and filling up on their fantastic samples.

  • Karen Mackey

    I am looking forward to the cooking demonstrations. I love to get new ideas to try at home to improve my cooking.

  • Claire Glover

    The delicious smells, the buzz, the inspiration I get from demonstrations, the drama of MasterChef, and above all, Good Food and Good Wine:)

  • Shelley Peters

    Living in Rural NSW, makes it difficult to attend exciting events.
    I am tired of hearsay..I really, really want to be there!

  • kelly

    are you kidding all the sampling is definately my favourite part the foods are exquisite and the wine to die for

  • Falon Downing

    The best part of the show are the samples. Hands down.

  • Seeing the celebrity chefs in the flesh is always a highlight but I’d have to say its being amongst a massive crowd of food lovers from all walks of life and feeling the foodie buzz!

  • Alison Gardiner

    I want to see Gordon f***ing Ramsey. He is f***ing brilliant, how he cooks such delicious f***ing food and makes it look so f***ing easy

  • Alison Gardiner

    I want to see Gordon f***ing Ramsey. He is f***ing brilliant, how he cooks such delicious f***ing food and makes it look so f***ing easy

  • Peter Chain

    Its the time of the year the chiefs we watch on tv come to Australia & we can see them cook & taste their food

  • Terry

    News just in from the taste bud test, the Good Food and Wine Show is the best!

  • Garry

    The Jenius in me knows it to be a brilliant g-astronomical event where I can see my favourite stars shine.

  • It’s a day where I can taste and test,
    See the Chefs at their best,
    Foodie’s heaven, here I come,
    Good Food Show – it’s so much fun!

  • June S

    I haven’t been before but have heard how awesome it is! I’m visiting my boyfriend in Sydney & would love to share this experience with him!
    ([email protected])