As a kid, many of us daydreamt about leaving school to work in a dream job. Amongst the firefighters, astronauts, teachers, doctors, footy players and actors, there were dreams to be icecream taste testers. Not quite an icecream taste tester (I think it is debatable, which is better) but today, I had the pleasure of meeting McDonald’s executive chef Dan Gould, who has the joy of experimenting in the McDonald’s test kitchen. I just can’t begin to imagine the stuff he gets to play with!
Earlier today, Zing and McDonald’s invited a few of us bloggers (Helen, Howard, Lorraine, Karen and Shez) to a fancy pre-launch sampling of the new certified Australian Angus Beef burgers.

McDonald's Angus Beef burger pre-launch sampling event
Fancy dining at McDonald’s

We were courted with a single long stem red rose; juices and soft drinks were served in wine glasses, there was white table cloth and napkins; we had an unlimited supply of piping hot and crispy French Fries and not one, but two Angus beef burgers. It was a premium and grown-up take on McDonald’s kids parties!

McDonald's Angus Beef burger pre-launch sampling event: a bowl of the famous French Fries
Huge bowl of McDonald’s signature French Fries

McDonald's Angus Beef burger pre-launch sampling event: Dan Gould talks about the burgers
Daniel Gould, Executive Chef of McDonald’s test kitchen talks about the Angus Beef burgers

Dan, who jokes about having eaten his fair share of Angus beef patties in the test kitchen, presents to us, two perfectly adequate completions, which will be in stores from tomorrow. These burgers are the result of months of innovation and tests so I felt quite privileged to be tasting them before they’re made available to the public.
The Grand Angus

McDonald's Angus Beef burger pre-launch sampling event- The Grand Angus burger
The Grand Angus burger

The burgers are served on premium soft sourdough buns which have a dusted tractor tread pattern. Both the shape and appearance of the bun are key differentiators to the standard menu. The Grand Angus is served in between 2 slices of McDonald’s signature yellow processed cheese and topped with 3 red onion rings, pickles, baby salad leaves, tomato, mustard and the same mayonnaise which can be found in their McChicken burgers!
I love this burger’s colourful appearance and its textured bite. Although the Angus Beef has been ground into a pattie, there was still a traditional beef burger flavour which was rather tasty.
The Mighty Angus

McDonald's Angus Beef burger pre-launch sampling event - The Might Angus burger
The Mighty Angus burger

A definite winner with males, The Might Angus burger has no visible greenery. There’s onion relish (effectively known as balsamic caramelised onion to foodies), good old bacon plus the 2 slices of cheese and onion rings, making it one big rich and hearty burger!
The winning combination of caramelised onion and bacon resembles nothing you would expect from a fast food joint so I’ll be welcoming these with an open mouth, the next time I need a late night meal.
Available in store at McDonald’s from tomorrow.
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