With a name like this, how can anyone not like them?
Smiling doughnuts are also commonly known as smiling mouth cookies, happy mouth cookie balls, deep-fried sesame cookie balls or from it’s direct Cantonese translation, 笑口枣 means smiling mouth dates.
These little gems are usually served during Chinese New Year celebrations because the natural cracks on the balls resemble a smile and hence brings happiness to the home.
You must not confuse these with the yum-cha favourite: glutinous sesame seed balls (jin deui or 麻团) which are larger but hollow (sometimes filled with lotus paste, black bean paste or red bean paste) and have a soft chewy texture.
Smiling doughnuts are easy to make which is why I decided to give them a go when my little brother’s school was holding an international food fair.

homemade smiling doughnuts (笑口枣) also known as happy mouth cookie balls, deep-fried sesame cookie balls or smiling mouth dates
Step by step guide to homemade smiling doughnuts

This recipe makes about 60 tiny balls (and by tiny, I mean the size of a golf ball or smaller). Special thanks to my Mum for sharing 🙂
2 cups self raising flour
2 cups plain flour
1 tablespoon oil
2 eggs
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup water
500 grams of sesame seeds
1. Pre-heat enough oil for deep-frying.
2. Combine all dry ingredients (except for sesame seeds) then add remaining wet ingredients and mix thoroughly.
2. When the dough is smooth and sticky, using a spoon, scoop out tiny balls and roll it around your palms.
3. Drop the ball into a bowl of sesame seeds and coat it well. Repeat the process until you have enough balls to fill a frying pan.
4. Deep-fry the balls a handful at a time. You should notice cracks appearing around the balls.
5. Drain the deep-fried balls on a baking rack then transfer onto paper towels.

boxes of Smiling Doughnuts (笑口枣) also known as happy mouth cookie balls, deep-fried sesame cookie balls or smiling mouth dates
Boxes of smiling doughnuts, ready for a school international food fair

These doughnut balls are slightly sweet, crunchy and like anything golden and deep-fried… They’re extremely addictive. Om nom nom nom…

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