Gazebo Wine Garden‘s girls’ picnics are such a wonderful offering. They’re exactly my type of thing -a picnic where all you have to do is round up the girls! The food and wine is catered for, there’s no worrying about picking the perfect spot or getting dirt on your pretty sundress. It’s a bit like camping really. I enjoy the great outdoors but would never go camping au naturale… In fact, the only time I have ever gone camping was at Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay where we were steps away from electricity, toilets and BBQs. Brilliant I say!

The Girls’ Picnic must be booked in advance and are available from noon til 2:30pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For $35 per person, you’re greeted with a glass of bubbly and three tiers of delicious goodies.

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - girlfriends at lunch, Maggie, Karen, Emma, Jen
At lunch with the girls -Maggie, Karen, Emma and moi

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - glasses of bubbly
Glasses of bubbly

We decide to also share two jugs of Pimms & lemonade which are $25 a pop. The jugs are full of Pimms No1, Gordons gin, Rosso sweet Italian vermouth & strawberries, mint, cucumber topped with lemonade & dry ginger ale. It is refreshing, fruity and sweet.

The quirky furnishings and whimsical decor come complete with cute waiters dressed as lifeguards. Ours happily posed for us 🙂

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - waiter dressed as lifesaver
Our lifeguard

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - pimms and lemonade
Pimms and lemonade

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - quirky decor
Quirky decor

The picnic theme is brought to life with a wicker picnic basket, warm French baguettes and a convenient wooden chopping board and knife. Accompanying the bread are delicious marinated olives, an avocado and pistachio dip and a corn relish.

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - French baguette and picnic basket
French baguette and picnic basket

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - marinated olives, dips and relish
Marinated olives, dips and relish

It was lovely to bask in the sun whilst feasting our eyes on a garden filled with beautiful vines, old Victorian chairs and cushions and enlivened with fresh flowers.

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - outdoor seating and victorian chairs and tables
In the garden

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic - three tiers of delicious goodness
Three tiers of delicious goodness

The first tier was salads. They were served room temperature which suited us well as we felt we were beginning to roast in the heat ourselves. There was pumpkin & feta, roasted almond salad, chat potato salad with mustard mayo dressing and green onion, mushrooms with pesto and a simple ratatouille with chunky pieces of cauliflower.

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - salads

The second tier were meats and seafood. There was smoked honey ham with fresh iceberg lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes and chunks of cheddar cheese; piping hot deep-fried soft shell crab; cooked prawns, smoked Atlantic salmon, lightly peppered pastami, steamed mussels and pickles and cornichons on a bed of rocket -plentiful to go around.

meats and seafood
Meats and seafoods

On the side we also add a rocket, pear, pinenut and parmesan salad which is a combination that can never go wrong.

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - side dish of rocket salad
Rocket salad

Finally, we ate our way up to the top dessert tier which we had been eyeing from the start. Moist chocolate brownies went hand in hand with fresh pieces of rockmelon, strawberries, watermelon and marshmallows.

Gazebo Wine Garden, Girls' Picnic on Sunday afternoons - dessert

Leave the picnic rug at home and hop on down to Elizabeth Bay…

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Gazebo Wine Garden
2 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay
Phone: (02) 9357 5333

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  • sounds great. were any guys there? i’m sure anyone would appreciate it. i saw this listed on the Crown St Gazebo as well. haven’t been to the Elizabeth Bay as yet.

  • hey i’ve been here – and its not that bad! 🙂

  • Pimms & lemonade now that’s something i have never tried before. I’m getting on a plane and heading down under to try that out.

  • Jen

    Hi Simon, yes, there were a few couples sitting near us but mainly groups of girls 🙂
    Hi Betty,i loved it! it’d be nice to see a seasonal menu change so i could do this picnic more often.
    Hi Potato Salad, you’ll love it!

  • Looks like a fun girls day out 🙂 You get quite a lot for $35 as well, and I like the picnic basket! Definitely adds to the whole picnic vibe

  • That first pic of everyone is gorgeous! That belongs in a photo frame 🙂