Those that know me personally or through my blog will know that i’m uber organised. I compiled this checklist a few months ago and thought I’d share it. Please note that it is female-skewed but feel free to cross out the items which aren’t applicable to you. For short trips, you’ll probably only need a third of the list.

Hope this helps 🙂


International adapter(s)

Unlock phone and test using a SIM card from a different carrier

Turn on international roaming

Immunisation shots

Register for travel insurance and bring a copy of docs

Passport and insert photocopies to all luggage and leave one at home (maybe even scan one in and email to self)

Itinerary print outs for self and family

Exchange money


Notebook, pen, business cards

Register with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Check Smart Traveller for warnings and list of cautions

Soft and hard copy of all contact details (hotels, banks, local embassy…)








Long pants


Something formal for fine dining



Cardigan, jumper or jacket


Socks / stockings / leggings

Shoes: flats, thongs, joggers, heels

Handbag -day and evening

Beach towel and sarong / kaftan

Jewellery and other accessories

Hat and sunglasses


Back-up mini external hard drive

Card reader

Laptop and charger

Laptop accessories including wireless mouse

Cameras, chargers, speedlites and lenses

Tripod or gorillapod

Mobile and charger

Receipts for GST Tourist Refund Scheme

Keep a soft and hard copy of all serial numbers

Back-up mobile phone contact list and calender, etc

Email yourself and family details such as passport number, lost credit card number, Australian Embassy contact details, etc

Toiletries and health

Make-up and make-up brushes

Toothbrush and paste

Mouth wash and dental floss

Cleanser, toner and moisturiser

Shower gel and loofa / sponge

Shampoo and conditioner

Elastics / hair clips

Tampons, pads and liners

GHD and hair products

Aloe-gel, bug repellent, Vaseline

Emergency kit and bandaids

Medicine: pain killers, anything for a cough, cold, flu through to diarrhea and nausea

Mini-sewing kit

Wax / razor / epilator

Nail polish and remover

Make-up wipes

Small packet of tissues for the handbag

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