Habib's charcoal chicken at Bankstown - family meal deal
Family meal deal at Habib’s

Dinner for four, only $31
That works out to just $7.75 each. While it is in the fast food price range, the family meal deal at Habib’s is much more satisfying. In fact, get it take away and you can save a further $4!
For only $31, you get a fuss free spread of:

  • 4x Lebanese bread
  • 1x whole butterfly-cut charcoal chicken
  • 2x plates of garlic sauce
  • 1x salad or tabouli
  • 1x plate of pickles
  • 1x plate of chips
  • 1x 1.25L bottle of soft drink

The charcoal chicken is juicy and has a beautiful smoky aroma to it, going hand in hand with a smooth spread of the pungent garlic sauce. Wrap it in a roll with chicken salt coated chips, fluorescent pink pickles and tabouli or attack it with a fork and knife. For only $31, four people (or two very hungry people) will have a guaranteed mouth full!

Habib's charcoal chicken at Bankstown family meal is finger licking good
Habib’s, Bankstown is finger licking good shows my brother, Bryan

And as my younger brother, Bryan, shows in the photo above… It is finger licking good!
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P.S.S. Have you been to Habib’s Bankstown, Al Barakeh Liverpool and Franks Fairfield? Let me know how you think Habib’s compares. I haven’t been to the latter but have only heard good things!
Habib's Charcoal Chicken on Urbanspoon
Habib’s Charcoal Chicken
24 Restwell Street, Bankstown, NSW
Phone: (02) 9708 2219

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  • Ahh I love seeing an entire table filled with food. Sounds like a good deal! I think I could give it a red hot go with only one offsider 😉

  • Mongie

    Jen, you should try Granville. I think they are taking over good quality lebanese food. There’s 4 charcoal chicken shops there and a few awesome lebanese sweets shops.

  • Jen

    Ah, so do i! i think when it comes to Lebanese food, it is the side dishes that turns the meal into a feast.

  • Jen

    Is there one particular restaurant in Granville I should try first? Which is the best of the four?
    When it comes to Lebanese sweets, I’ve always been a fan of Auburn Baladna Pastry.

  • Habibies!! LOL.. I love that place. Cheap delicious eat.. I want some Habibies now… *proceeds to lick garlic sauce off the screen*

  • Jen

    Yeh, it’s such an awesome place when you feel like getting your hands dirty with a cheap eat! i wish the chips were those thick cut type though, it’d go so much better with the garlic sauce!

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  • Went to Habib’s a year ago and was really disappointed because the chicken was really salty. Glad it’s improved since my visit. But like above wrote, try Granville if you can. The one I go to is called Al Jannah

  • Sophia

    What you really need to try is Al Aseel at Greenacre!