While this Melbourne trip was filled with lots of new foodie discoveries, I kept up my tradition of visiting Madame Sousou every time I’m in town. I haven’t written about this favourite in a while so thought I’d share with you their recent menu changes.
Madame Sousou is a Parisian cafe/bistro on bustling Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. I love it’s flirty charm, luxurious decor and warm character. I still have never had dinner here but the breakfast menu has always been to-die-for.

Madame Sousou Cafe and Restaurant Fitzroy, Melbourne -

After a quick glance of the new menu, I was relieved to find that their classics like the scrumptious big breakfast was still on the menu. For $18, one feasts on eggs any style with double smoked bacon, paprika sausage, potato roesti, slow roasted tomato and mushrooms with toasted sourdough.
As usual, we have our tea and coffee. I can never help but feel slightly pampered with my loose leaf earl grey tea being served in a gorgeous silver tea set. And like always, it was top-notch.

Madame Sousou Cafe and Restaurant Fitzroy, Melbourne - tea and coffee

New items on the menu focus more on the cafe’s French roots with indulgent items such as pain perdu (toasted broiche with cinnamon sugar, vanilla poached pear and fromage frais) and crepes (filled with fresh banana with chocolate and hazelnut sauce or filled with raspberry jam and served with fromage frais) tempting those with a sweet tooth.

Madame Sousou Cafe and Restaurant Fitzroy, Melbourne - oeufs van dieman - poached eggs on english muffin with tasmanian smoked salmon and tarragon hollandaise sauce

Zen has the oeufs van dieman which is poached eggs on English muffin with Tasmanian smoked salmon and tarragon hollandaise sauce ($15) and I opt for the new savoury French crepe which is filled with a luscious combination of smoked salmon, creamed spinach and bechamel sauce ($18). It was a little on the saltier side of things, I think partially because of the generous chunks of smoked salmon encased in these two tight parcels, but the flavours were rich and bold and simply divine.

Madame Sousou Cafe and Restaurant Fitzroy, Melbourne - french crepe filled with smoked salmon, spinach and bechamel sauce

So the prices aren’t really suitable for those on a budget but if you’re after breakfast with a zing, then Madame Sousou is the cafe to be at.
Madame Sousou on Urbanspoon
Madame SouSou
231 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC
Phone: (03) 9417 0400
Web: www.madamesousou.com.au

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  • Zen

    I think we should go there and have dinner the next time we are in Melbourne! 🙂

  • I love Madame Sousou…the ambiance…the decor, the food 🙂

  • Oh this looks very good. I like the idea of having both the crepes and the pain perdu for breakfast. Pure indulgence.

  • The eggs look delicious! Sure does look warm and quaint 🙂

  • I walk past this place quite often. Thanks for the breakfast info. I agree that the crepe looks really good. Now do I go there for breakfast or lunch? Hmm

  • Jen

    Yay! Let’s do it!

  • Jen

    It’s such a lovely place to start the day!

  • Jen

    Their serving sizes are pretty big, I don’t think it’s possible to have both at the same time! 😉

  • Jen

    Thanks, and they’re even yummier than it looks!

  • Jen

    I say, start with breakfast, then go shopping along Brunswick Street, Smith Street and Gertrude Street, then return for lunch!

  • deb

    Oh, I think you’re right, double-dipping at Madame SouSou might be the way to go!

  • frenchiris

    I’m a French backpacker girl and I were working there really hard for one month (many times on double shift 17hours a day!) and at the end of the month THEY DIDN’T PAID ME!!
    They refused to declare me to avoid taxes so I couldn’t do anything legally to get my money because I were working cash in hand!
    The boss seems really nice so I felt confident but in fact he’s a real unscrupulous robber and he does that often to only backpackers people, I met many other stranger who had the same bad experience! He’s never employing Australian people to not having a bad reputation but he really deserve the worst reputation!
    So even you know they treat nicely the patrons, please don’t go there anymore, boycott this restaurant cause you’ll give money to bad people!! There is so many other nice restaurant in Melbourne, I’m sure you can have a nice moment somewhere else..
    Telling what happened to me is the only solution I’ve got to try to stop him to do that to others backpackers like me, tell everybody you know about my story and I hope when he’ll loose many patron and many money, he’ll regret his act.