Thought the deep-fried Mars Bar was good? Wait ’til you’ve tried the sensational deep-fried Oreo!
But before we get carried away with dessert, let me show you the fish and chips which lured me to Aussie Bob’s.

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - fish and chip for one

Aussie Bob’s is located just off the shore at Shoal Bay and undeniably have perfected the great fish and chips. They aren’t the cheapest in town, at $9.50 for a single serve and $18.50 for a double, but they are good… Very good.

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - counter

Zen and I share a dozen of local oysters ($14, sourced from Holbert’s Farm of course), the fish and chips for one ($9.80), the BBQ pack for one ($22) and a small Greek salad ($4.90).
My parents and brothers share the half lobster moray with chips and garden salad ($19.90), the family pack ($32) and also a dozen of local oysters ($14).

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - outdoor seating

There’s no table service so we order at the counter and take it outside where it is lined with rows and rows of large wooden bench sets. The chips from the family pack is the first thing to arrive. There’s a mountain load served in a woven wooden bowl. We grab one of the old glass bottle salt shakers and sprinkle the chips immediately.

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - local oysters

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast -  close up of Holbert's Oysters

Our oysters are next to arrive. Served in a pretty sea blue plate, the oysters sit on a metal tray within a bed of salt rocks with a wedge of lemon. They’re so creamy and absolutely divine.

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - BBQ pack

My BBQ pack features garlic prawns, scallops, calamari, a fish fillet and chips. They appear to have been more pan-fried than barbecued or grilled, but is still scrumptious. The lobster mornay is filled with satisfying cheesy goodness, although it is a tad small.

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - lobster mornay

And finally, the fish and chips. The fish is a generous-sized fillet and the batter has a lovely light crunchy texture which doesn’t leave a greasy finish.

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - family pack

While struggling to finish our enormous orders, we eye the deep-fried Oreo poster and simply can’t resist. Both the banana fritter and Oreo are deep-fried in the gorgeous batter. The banana’s ripe sweetness tastes magical with the crisp batter, meanwhile the first bite of the deep-fried Oreo arouses all the senses.

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - banana fritter

I used to firmly believe that the best way to eat an Oreo was to twist, lick and dunk (or in a McFlurry), but seriously… there’s no arguing that deep-fried is the way to go!

Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips, Shoal Bay, North Coast - deep-fried oreo with ice cream

Deeply indulgent, the clean crisp batter holds together the soft but crumbly rich chocolate biscuit pieces and the creamy centre just melts in your mouth. A large scoop of vanilla ice cream prolongs the experience but it is not long before we agree that a second round is mandatory.

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Aussie Bob’s Fish and Chips
2a Tomaree Road, Shoal Bay, NSW
Phone: (02) 4984 1591

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  • Interesting… I’ll stick with Fish and Chips I think!

  • How good are fish and chips. Such a simple way to cook fish but yet so good. I have a deep association with this and the beach.

  • This is my kind of fish’n’chips! Everything looks amazing. fish’n’chips ain’t fish’n’chips if it ain’t eaten outdoors. me thinks 🙂 mmmm banana fritter mmmm

  • The BBQ plate looks good! I want it to be summer now so I can enjoy fish and chips by the beach, in the lovely warm weather.

  • Deed Fried Oreo? Oh my goodness!!!!! Now I have seen it all!

  • squee deep fried oreos zomg i need some now!

  • Honestly, that Oreo looks a little iffy – everything else looks delish though 🙂

  • Wow deep fried oreos! And I thought deep fried mars bars were crazy enough already hehe

  • This is the first time I’ve heard about deep fried Oreos….cool! What will people deep fry next?? haahaha
    Mmmmmm those fish and chips look so good too

  • ARGH! I want fish and chips. I’ve been craving fish and chips ever since the Aaron vs Alvin fish and chips challenge. It makes my mouth water just thinking about them. That deep fried oreo sounds great, I want!

  • Deep fried Oreo? *Feels my heart stop* lol =D
    I don’t think I would be game enough to eat that for fear of my life ending early.

  • Jen

    Hahaha, that didn’t even cross my mind! Oops!

  • Jen

    Haha, isn’t it crazy how Masterchef can influence our tastebuds so subconsciously! I made omelettes a couple of times after that final episode!

  • Jen

    Haha, you’d think the Deep-fried Oreo would taste cloggy, but it’s not!

  • Jen

    LOL, I actually haven’t tried the deep-fried Mars Bar yet!

  • Jen

    It’s a fantastic fish & chip shop!

  • Jen

    Hehe, I thought about deep-frying an entire pack of Oreos myself at home but haven’t done it yet. Might not be a good idea if I want to actually fit into a bridesmaid dress in a few months!

  • Jen

    It’s unbelievably good!

  • Jen

    It tastes better than it looks! It really does!

  • Jen

    Me too. Wish it were warm enough for the beach now 🙁

  • Jen

    With the exception of fish & chips in London… Oh My Gosh, I had the best fish & chips there once…

  • Jen

    That sounds lovely… Gotta countdown to spring now!

  • Tom

    This is obviously a paid advertisement as Aussie Bobs is the most bland food I’ve ever tasted. It’s overpriced and has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.
    Visit the place just to see how bad it actually is.
    If you like paying $25 for dry overcooked food and have a large man being rude to you, this is your place.

  • Jen

    Hi Tom, my blog posts are not paid/sponsored unless otherwise stated. You may not agree with my opinion and that’s fine because we all have different tastes, but Aussie Bob’s Fish and Chips is a place I’d definitely revisit if I was nearby.