Unless you are into foraging for wild oysters, the oysters served at Holberts Oyster Farm factory outlet are as fresh as they get.
The Holbert family have been growing and distributing their award winning oysters for over five generations. While most of their oysters are distributed to restaurants and seafood outlets across the state, locals can watch the oyster shuckers at work in a viewing gallery, before taking them to the scenic outdoor eating area.

Holberts Oyster Farm, Port Stephens

Holberts Oyster Farm - professional oyster shuckers at work

Oysters can be bought in the bottle or by the dozen – natural or kilpatrick style. Large Australian king prawns and various sauces are also sold.

Holberts Oyster Farm - fresh NSW rock oysters natural and kilpatrick

Bring some crusty bread or fresh fruit along for the ultimate seafood indulgence.

Holberts Oyster Farm - seafood indulgence

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Holberts Oyster Farm
51 – 52 Diemars Road, Salamander Bay NSW (near Nelson Bay)
Web: www.holbertsoysterfarm.com
Phone: (02) 4982 7234

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  • What a perfect weekend outing!

  • oh wow. I LOVE OYSTERS! especially when they’re super fresh. i must visit sometime in the future. 🙂

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  • I adore freshly oysters, they make me swoon. If up that way I am going to have to drop in for sure.

  • Oh gosh, this place is perfect

  • Jen

    Sure was! It’s a bit cold to do it again now, but as soon as Spring comes, I’ll be taking short breaks to Port Stephens all the time!

  • Jen

    Might suggest you even bring a homemade vinaigrette to enhance the experience!

  • Jen

    You’ll love it! 🙂

  • Jen

    Yes it is 😀