A holiday just isn’t a holiday without a hotel breakfast buffet. This is what I got to wake up to during my stay at ANA Crowne Plaza in Osaka:

There were plentiful juices including orange, apple, grapefruit and tomato, plus I discovered a liking for ‘kurosu’ which is apple juice with black vinegar! It sounds like a disgusting mix, but I really enjoyed the mellow taste. It is apparently nutritious too, packed with calcium, vitamin C, D, and E.

ANA Crowne Plaza hotel, Osaka, Japan - breakfast buffet, juices

I also savoured the spread of freshly baked brioche, Danish pastries, awesome almond croissants, matcha tea cakes and more!

ANA Crowne Plaza hotel, Osaka, Japan - breakfast buffet, bakery

In the Western section, I couldn’t get enough of the smoked salmon salad and waffles…

ANA Crowne Plaza hotel, Osaka, Japan - breakfast buffet, waffles and smoked salmon salad

ANA Crowne Plaza hotel, Osaka, Japan - breakfast buffet, salad bar

And in the Japanese section, no morning was complete without a bowl of congee.

ANA Crowne Plaza hotel, Osaka, Japan - breakfast buffet, japanese section

Not eating enough fruit is always a problem when traveling so I made sure I ate a day’s worth at each breakfast. It was irresistible anyway, with fresh cut oranges, watermelon, kiwifruit, grapefruit, honeydew and jaboticaba. The jaboticaba fruit is grape-like in appearance and texture but with a thicker, tougher skin. Taste-wise, it reminds me of mangosteen but is much less sweeter – addictive nonetheless.

ANA Crowne Plaza hotel, Osaka, Japan - breakfast buffet, fresh fruits

Here’s an idea of how much I ate each morning, plate by plate:

ANA Crowne Plaza hotel, Osaka, Japan - breakfast buffet, plates of food

Apart from the food, the hotel was pretty luxurious too. I appreciated the finer touches, such as the Shiseido toiletries, pillow and aroma menus… And who could complain with free cable internet in every room!

ANA Crowne Plaza hotel, Osaka, Japan - the rooms and view

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ANA Crowne Plaza, Osaka
1-3-1 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Tel: +81 06-6347-1112
Web: www.anacrowneplaza-osaka.jp

Breakfast buffet is available 6:30 – 11:00am, ¥2700

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  • What a sterling effort you put in for breakfast – I love a good buffet breakfast, too!!
    They do say it is the most important meal of the day, don’t they?

  • Who can say no to a good breakfast buffet? Especially if it happens to be included in your hotel stay!
    Always a great start to the day and can save money on lunch, unless you already have special plans for lunch that is =p

  • Soy

    kurosu-Hmmm, I love black vinegar and would happily give this a go.

  • Erik

    Great….will be at ANA Osaka and hope to get all of that too. Greetings from sunny Leipzig!
    Leipzig is worth a visit too, especially for people in love with food, we good plenty places and a greta atmosphere too, and we not always listen to the great classical works of BACH, Mendelssohn, and many more
    Come and see!