Guilty of snacking from the vending machine? Or even worse, do you have a drawer full of sneaky snacks?

Snacking on health foods between meals can help regulate blood sugar levels for sustained energy throughout the day. But most of the time, I know that many of you, like me, will just snack on whatever is in an arm’s reach – and that, often is a pack of chips or a chocolate bar.

This is where a new product called Harvest Box comes in.

Harvest Box

Harvest Box was founded by three Melbourne lads who have been mates for over 20 years. Will Cook, George Stooke and James Scott were all vending machine victims who recognised the need for healthy office snacks delivered straight to your desk – so they decided to revolutionise desk-side dining forever!

Fabulous idea, boys, and very well executed!

Harvest Box is a nourishing, tasty selection of dried fruits, nuts and other yummies such as yoghurt coated raisins and chocolate bits, which is delivered straight to your desk throughout the post each week as many times as you like.

You can even rate each mix so that the next combination consists of more items that you love, and less with the ingredients that you don’t like.

My first box contained Organic Apricots, Fruity Call which was a delicious combination of macadamia nuts, crown sultanas and mango pieces, Fruit and Nut, a blend of flame raisins, hazenuts and dark chocolate, and Spiced Up, a mix of peanuts, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, garlic, sea salt, rosemary and other spices.

close up of Harvest Box desk snacks

My favourite was definitely the Fruity Call – the luscious tropical summery scent of mango, mixed with a delightful macadamia crunch and the juicy sweetness of sultanas.

I also love that each serve is sealed and portion controlled as healthy snacking is only healthy if you don’t overdo it.

Harvest Box snacking at work desk

A Harvest Box can be delivered to your desk or home on your chosen days each week for just $6.95 $7.95 (updated 11 Feb 2015) and you can stop it anytime, no strings attached.

Plus for JENIUS / I Ate My Way Through readers who are nuts about nibbling, simply use this coupon link to get your first box free and second box half price!!! (updated 11 Feb 2015)

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  • What a brilliant idea!

  • I THINK my first one is due today, but it hasn’t hit my desk yet. I may be wrong! I ordered it last week, and can’t find my emial.
    Am looking forward to it though!

  • Georgi

    I got my first last week and another one today. Love it and you get to rate each box that arrives. A tip, select the day before you realy want it as my postie is a bit slack and my mail can be a day late and i couldnt concentrate yesterday as i was too excited about my delivery!!

  • It came just as I was leaving work 🙂 I wanted it for late week because my snacking worsens then 😉 plus I’m less organised!

  • Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen

    Hooray they arrived in time! Which combos did you get?

  • Jen

    It is isn’t it? And so fabulously executed! I’m craving for the Fruity Call now! Mmm…

  • Jen

    Hahaha, good tip!
    It makes me wonder… If we’re not snacking on Harvest Box, what would we have been snacking on?

  • Thanks for that! I have ordered my free box already for my nut-lovin husband haha
    In case your readers are interested, I have $10 off for first-time users at – just use the coupon code : 987C33
    You can also read my review of it here

  • What a great original idea! Thanks for the coupon.

  • What a great idea and perfect for the desk drawer. Very enterprising young men! It is always easier to eat healthily when the right stuff is close to hand.

  • kokodabob

    Kokoda trail is my favourite – I love it. Good on you you Ling

  • Annmaree (Emu)

    I wasn’t impressed at all with Harvest Box I must say.
    The delivery days are wrong, not good if your ordering on a Friday, so it sits in transit for the whole weekend til you get it on Monday arvo!
    My items were tasteless, not sure if it was because of the delay, or the produce was just bad?
    My Main complaint is they never took one bit of notice of my selections! I specifcally went through and rated my likes and dislikes of all items and I’ve now cancelled after my second box because all they would send me was the items I had said “NO THANKS” to even tho there were pleanty of thigns I would have LOVED to have tried had they given me the chance! So I personally thought they weren’t so great and that it really was not a way to run a business in my opinion.
    But hey that was just my experience… Just thought I should share considering you don’t see or hear many bad reviews about Harvest Box. So it even suprised me!

  • Joy

    I have been waitting for 2weeks, haven’t received yet!