My last visit to Kobe Jones in 2006 didn’t leave that great of an impression, but seeing it was four years ago, I decided to give it another go after spotting a 50% off deal on Spreets to enjoy the Luxury Menu for $67 per person instead of $135.
The catch was a minimum of 3 person per bookings and that the whole table must order the Luxury Menu (and pay in full if they didn’t have the Spreets coupon). My brother rounds up six of us. Easy.

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - cocktails and harbour view

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - family shot

We start with a few beers and cocktails and end up trying the Kobe Jones Sunset ($17), a concoction of strawberry and mango liqueur with cranberry juice, mandarin infused vodka and pineapple juice, the All Day Gambler ($18.50) which features gin, vodka, tequila, Bacardi 151, Cointreau, lemon juice and Red Bull, and the Mangalo ($12), a mocktail of fresh mangoes blended with orange and crushed pineapple juice with a dash of grenadine.

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - number one special

First course is the Number One Special, a crab salad with avocado, wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and baked with a secret sauce. It is delightfully smooth, creamy and light.
Following on, we have the sushi platter and seafood poke. The sushi platter features maguro (tuna) nigiri and unagi (eel) rolls and the seafood poke turns out to be a delectable Hawaiian style sashimi dish which marinates raw tuna in a soy sauce, ginger, chilli sauce, seaweed and sesame oil blend. It was so yummy! Now that makes two things that I want to travel to Hawaii to eat: ahi poke and Spam musubi.

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - sushi platter and seafood poke

The Anago Scallops on the side of the sushi are tempura Hokkaido scallops stuffed with crab salad and asparagus and finished with a drizzle of a bittersweet soy sauce glaze. This tiny morsel is packed with flavour.

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - sushi platter and anago scallops

Continuing the Hawaiian inspiration, next we have the Hawaiian Roll. This is a gorgeous sushi roll of prawns, cucumber, burdock root, pineapple and chilli jam, wrapped tightly with roast seaweed, tuna and avocado, and flavoured with poke sauce and toasted sesame seeds.

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - hawaiian roll

Then we have the scrumptious wagyu tenderloin tataki which is simple and nice – seared and chilled, served rare with onion, garlic, ginger and ponzu sauce.

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - wagyu tataki

Back to Kobe Jones’ house specialty of oven baked sushi rolls, we are served the Volcano Roll. This is oven baked scallops layered on a crab salad and avocado roll, topped with a cream sauce, and a sprinkle of shallots and sesame seeds. Messy food is always good food!

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - volcano roll

Next, the grilled green lobster tail served in a miso citrus sauce on a bed of steamed vegetables and wafu thermidor sauce. I was hoping the lobster dish would be the show-stopper but with just half a lobster between three, it was a definite let down.

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - miso citrus lobster tail

The wagyu hot rock was fun as we got to cook our own cubes of wagyu. Each piece was so tender and delish.

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - wagyu hot rock

Kobe Jones,  King Street Wharf - ama ozen, selection of dessert samplers

And dessert is Kobe Jones’ dessert sampler with their trademark chocolate chopsticks. The selection includes the flambeed matcha creme brulee, mango and coconut sago pudding, strawberry panna cotta, strawberry cheesecake, and a trifle of marinated strawberries, crunchy sable and marble of vanilla and raspberry sorbet.
Overall it was a decent feed and good value with the half price coupon. If we had paid full price though, well, that’d be a different story.

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Kobe Jones
29 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 9299 5290

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  • vouchers are great for better value. so many deals going around these days 🙂

  • yum everything looks delish esp the volcano roll that voucher was well worth it!

  • I’ve heard wildly differing views of Kobe Jones, and I guess your post confirms it; lucky you had that coupon!

  • Oven baked sushi? Seriously? Sounds as wrong as deep fried sushi.
    On the other hand, the wagyu hot rock sounds like it’d be fun to cook with.
    A decent amount of value, all things considered 🙂

  • I’ve luckily only had good experiences at Kobe Jones but I have heard lots of bad reviews as well. This seems like a good way to get people back but only if they keep up the service. Those cocktails were expensive though! : )

  • Nom Nom Nom Nom. I need to taste these elusive volcano rolls. The concept of baked sushi roll is still a foreign concept to me.

  • I totally want to eat those chocolate chopsticks! lol.

  • I have been there once before and thought it was great, quite expensive though. Looking at all that food makes me want to go there again though!

  • Oh the food looks so fun & colourful. I’ve been looking for somewhere to take my brother for his 18th – looks like you’ve done the hard work for me 🙂 Thanks !

  • This luxury menu looks interesting. Haven’t tasted Hawaiian cuisine. Haven’t been to Kobe Jones for the longest time…. your post has tempted me to make a visit soon.

  • Jen

    Definitely! Love all the group-buying sites 😀

  • Jen

    It’s such an unusual combination that actually works!

  • Jen

    Yes, so have I! I guess it’s not for everybody… But with a coupon, it could be? Haha 😀

  • Jen

    Hahaha, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! I’ve tried deep fried sushi at Kana Express before and I have to admit it was tasty!

  • Jen

    They were held in our hands for so long (chopstick fight anyone?) that they kinda melted a bit. LOL

  • Jen

    Yay! And happy birthday to your brother 😉

  • Jen

    Hawaiian is very foreign to me but i’m very intrigued now!

  • Jen

    Yea, the half price deal was great for it but otherwise I agree, it’s good but over-priced.

  • Jen

    Haha, yea, i was expecting to be blown away, thinking they were going to under promise and over deliver.

  • Jen

    It’s a technique/recipe they’ve mastered!

  • NomNom

    WOW, great pictures!!! One question. was each plate per person, or was it for the whole table.
    If it’s for each person, they the deal look good (with discount). Otherwise…..hmmmm…
    Thank, love the blog!!

  • Jen

    They were shared. That’s some pretty crazy portion sizes if they weren’t! 🙂

  • NomNom

    LOL, That’s what I was thinking!!! I can only dream 🙂
    The pictures on your blog keep me awake a night, planning what I will eat for the next day. Either by buying it or cooking it. Keep up the great work.

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