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Formerly at Balmain, Victoire boulangerie / pâtisserie moved down the street to Rozelle late last year. This was good news for me as it meant I was now only minutes away from eye candy! The sweet scent of freshly baked Parisian-style pastries, tarts, cakes, and rustic breads are almost irresistible and I absolutely love the sight of perfection in their glass cabinet displays! So much beauty. Thank goodness I have a bit more self control these days – can’t let all the running go to waste!

Victoire, Rozelle


Victoire, Rozelle - tarts, pastry, sweets

I picked up a few indulgent pieces recently to take to a dinner party – a
chocolate tartlet, a lemon meringue tartlet, a strawberry tartlet, a rhubarb
tartlet and a wonderful blueberry and lavender tartlet.

They were most divine. Each tart was just so sensational.

Victoire, Rozelle - dessert

The meringue is impossibly airy and elegant and the shortcrust pastry shells are perfectly delicate. I love love love the silky rhubarb and the sugar-crusted shell, although I think my favourite would have to be the blueberry and lavender which is simply heavenly.

Victoire, Rozelle - open tarts


Victoire - 660 Darling Street Rozelle

P.S. They also have the best almond sticks!

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660 Darling Street, Rozelle, NSW
Phone (02) 9818 5529

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