My parents are always on the scour for fabulous new Chinese restaurants. New Season Seafood & BBQ Restaurant opened up along Burwood Road late last year and it almost instantly fell into my parents’ radar.
Since the discovery, I’ve been hearing a lot about what a bargain the lunch banquets are. Then one night, my parents excitedly ask if Zen and I would like to join them in checking out the dinner banquet menu. Hell yeah!

The entrance of the restaurant is rather sleek and modern. There’s a convergence of old and new when we walk in. Modern decor and enticing food photographs of house specialties are hung beside traditional-style hand written posters advertising even more dishes.

My kid brother, Bryan, has the appetite of a grown adult and LOVES mud crab, so we automatically go for the $148 set menu.
It is mid-week and minutes after taking this photo, the restaurant is packed. We sit there in anticipation.

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - interior

First up is the house soup and there’s plenty for everybody to have seconds! The pork and sugar cane broth is divine.

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - house soup

Then we have the peking duck. Some duck pieces have no meat attached but I don’t mind the irregularity because the crispness of the duck skin is beyond incredible.

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - peking duck

Super crisp duck skin paired with the crunchy texture of cucumber, the slight punch of spring onions and a drizzle of hoisin sauce, all wrapped up tightly in a warm pancake wrap. Yum, yum yum!

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - peking duck wrap

We have the option of eating the remainder cuts of the duck as is, or for an extra $10, it can be stir-fried with egg noodles, bean sprouts and garlic chives. The decision was a no brainer because the enjoyment level of eating stir-fried duck noodles just isn’t comparable to eating plain duck meat pieces!

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - stir fried duck noodles

The mud crab is served in a clay pot with an abundance of stir-fried glass noodles which have all soaked in the wonderful crab juices, prolonging the marvelous distinct and sweet flavours.
Yep, we love our noodles!

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - mud crab clay pot

There’s also the cod cooked two ways – braised with snow peas, leek and celery and served with oyster sauce on the side; and battered and cooked with fried tofu, shiitake mushrooms, roast pork and baby bok choy. The first uses the finer fillets of the cod and is more delicate in flavour whereas the second serving is heartier in taste.

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - cod cooked two ways

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - cod cooked two ways

Lastly we have aromatic slow braised pork ribs which just melt-in-your-mouth, followed by complimentary sweets of mung bean dessert soup and fresh cut oranges.

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - slow braised pork ribs

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood - mung bean dessert soup

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the quality of food and value. In fact, it was a common sight to see tables of three order the same banquet as us and leave with two bags full of takeaway (which I assume will be their dinner tomorrow night)! It made our five boxes of takeaway look small!
P.S. I noticed that they close at 2am every day. Who’s up for trying New Season’s supper menu? 😉

New Season Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, Burwood

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New Season Seafood & BBQ Restaurant
93 Burwood Road, Burwood NSW
Phone: (02) 9715 2038

Open 7 days, 11am – 2am.
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  • That’s a LOT of takeaway. I had Peking duck recently in Hurstville – SO good, with fat and hoisin sauce running down my hand… 🙂

  • The pork ribs look so yummy! Nice place for when I’m in the area.

  • Lil

    Even though these are all typical Chinese banquet items, when they’re done well, they are sooooo yummy!! I especially love mud crab hot pot. PARTICULARLY if it’s spicy!!

  • Wow, a combination of my two favorite things – duck and noodle. it looks soo amazing! definitely want to try this out because its only one suburb away from my fiance’s house! 🙂

  • This place has been around for a little while but I didn’t know that they did late night supper.
    Definitely up for a late night supper run sometime 🙂

  • Looks awesome. Burwood Road over the years has really turned itself into a food hub.

  • Oh how I love peking duck! The flavours are just so good.

  • This looks awesome, i’m sure i can tear myself away from my regular canton noodle house fix. That generously thick and juicy peking duck pancake looks absolutely delish!