There’s a certain satisfying pleasure that comes with eating good food in a food court, and it doesn’t get better than this.

Singapore Shiok in Chinatown’s Eating World food court offers an authentic taste of Singaporean / Malaysian style hawker food. Like all hidden gems, this one is easy to miss because their bain-maries are almost always empty and unlit.

The menu only features nine dishes and having tried four of them, I can say, it is the real deal.

Singapore Shiok, Eating World Food Court in Chinatown Sydney

Singapore Shiok, Eating World Food Court in Chinatown Sydney - char kway teow

The char kway teow ($8.80) is a flavoursome combination of fried flat rice noodles with a bit of Hokkien egg noodles, lup cheong, prawns, squid, bean sprouts and greens. The serving size is beyond generous.

The classic Hainanese chicken rice is number one on the menu and is available as a single meal ($8.80), as half chicken ($16.80), whole chicken ($28.80) or a set meal with vegetables in oyster sauce ($10.80) with the option for extras including extra rice ($2), fried chicken wing ($2) or lor egg which is a boiled egg braised with sauce ($1.50).

The poached chicken is delicate and tender, as it should be, and the rice that was cooked in the chicken stock is super fragrant.
Singapore Shiok, Eating World Food Court in Chinatown Sydney - chicken rice

Moving onto the har mee ($10.50), oh my! The prawn-head broth is so intense in flavour that the typically cloudy broth is opaque. Its wonderfully rich flavours are enhanced with the deeply satisfying taste of deep-fried lard croutons. Also in the bowl are oodles of noodles, succulent prawns, slices of pork belly, half an egg, a few fish cake slices and some token greens to balance out the warm hues.

Is it the best har mee I’ve ever had?

Yes, I think so!

Singapore Shiok, Eating World Food Court in Chinatown Sydney - har mee

Lastly, the nasi lemak ($8.80), a rich coconut rice served with ikan bilis, egg, two fried chicken wings, fresh cut cucumbers and some sambal. It is pure simplicity at its yummiest.

Singapore Shiok, Eating World Food Court in Chinatown Sydney - nasi lemak

Singapore Shiok, Eating World Food Court in Chinatown Sydney -chrysanthemum tea

And just a few shops down (MyBar, shop 215), still in the same food court, are these fabulous chilled home-style Chinese teas (one for $3 or two for $5) which provide the ultimate refreshment. I love the chrysanthemum tea.

Singapore Shiok, Eating World Food Court in Chinatown Sydney - tea

Singapore Shiok is just so much awesomeness. I can’t wait to dine there again.

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Singapore Shiok!*
Shop 213, Eating World Food Court, 25 – 29 Dixon Street, Chinatown NSW

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Sneh | Cook Republic
Sneh | Cook Republic

I need to get me some of this! I so so badly miss Singapore food that it is not even funny :-(

Gastronomy Gal
Gastronomy Gal

I just wish I had come across good food court food! Sounds like a score!


All that food looks delicious and so cheap!


The tea looks so pretty - and I'd be down for the hainan chicken, wings and har mee too! I've still never been to this food court... must do soon


What is it with food courts and empty, unlit bain maries?? Mmmm, love the look of that hainan, especially if the extra egg and fried chicken wing is added. Pwhoar.