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Cumulus Inc

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Cumulus Inc is one of Melbourne’s must-do’s for breakfast. But I slept in and missed it by ten minutes. Our plans for breakfast quickly turned into an extravagant long lunch.

Cumulus Inc - interior

The restaurant is in the middle of preparing for the switchover between
breakfast and lunch so we’re directed to the wait at the bar.

Cumulus Inc - bar

We have our coffees while waiting and (due to a combination of impatience and laziness) decide to stay seated at the bar for our meal.

Cumulus Inc - latte

Soon after picking our selection of share plates, a small cast iron plate of housemade bread is served. It is light and fluffy with a cheesy crust. With a generous smear of butter, it is just irresistibly divine. So much so, that when offered a top-up, I don’t hesitate to say yes.

Cumulus Inc - bread

Our first plate is the soft shell mud crab ($22). It’s a tad too salty but the batter is brilliantly crunchy and the robustness of the crab makes this dish such a treat.

Cumulus Inc -soft shell crab

Next we move onto the ‘fish’ section and have the tuna tartare with crushed green pea salad ($35.20). Cubes of glistening tuna are lightly dressed and sit on top of a refreshing bed of mashed peas and mint. The flavours are light, delicate and perfect.

Cumulus Inc -tuna

There are about ten items on the charcuterie menu but seeing it’s only my first time dining here, I go for the kitchen selection ($28.60) for a bit of everything. We get some wagyu bresaola with beetroot and almond, hand cut Sicilian salami, rabbit terrine with prune and caper relish and prosciutto di Parma.

Cumulus Inc -charcuterie

Also from the fish selections is the John Dory with miso buttered leeks and diamond clams ($39.60). I love the nutty overtones of the miso butter. It goes really well with the firm but flaky fish. It’s such a seductive dish overall.

Cumulus Inc -fish

Lastly, from the salads and comestibles, we have the organic carrots with almond cream and harissa ($18.70). You’d think for almost twenty bucks, they’d better be extraordinary… And they are. The carrots are so fresh and full of flavour, they stand on its own as a dish, not a side.

I think this dish sums up Cumulus Inc quite well. Everything on the menu is simple but spectacular; on their own, they’re all fabulous snacks, but together, it’s a symphony for my tastebuds.

Highly worth the damage it made to my credit card :)

Cumulus Inc -carrots

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Cumulus Inc
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC
Phone: (03) 9650 1445
Web: www.cumulusinc.com.au

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