Flying Fish Restaurant has always been a place for special occasions. I’ve celebrated many fabulous milestones here including my five year anniversary with Zen, my first year as an entrepreneur, and the birth of a dear friend’s daughter.

A few weeks ago, I had the delight of attending their new Sushi and Sashimi Masterclass as a media guest! These classes will run every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm until
6pm and Sunday from 10.30am until 11.30am, and are priced at $250 per couple.

I think it’s a fabulous quirky date idea! Or even a fun night out with a girlfriend which is what I did!

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - sushi bar

The class takes place at the Raw Bar which overlooks Sydney Harbour. There’s a cruise ship in our way tonight but there’s something glamorous about its dazzling lights.

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - harbour view at night

Chef Raj starts off by showing us how to make the perfect sushi rice. He whips out an enormous hangiri which is a round, flat-bottom tub and a shamoji, a wooden paddle. Rice is tossed in here with kombu (kelp), rice vinegar, sugar and salt, mixed and then covered and allowed to cool.

For home cooks, Raj recommends using any flat-bottom bowl as it enables the rice to move around properly.

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - making the vinegared rice

He then shows us how to judge the best sashimi-quality fish and how to fillet them correctly.

A sharp knife is critical to maintain the fresh almost-alive taste of sashimi. You should be able to slice the fish in one stroke. A sawing motion can damage the fish and break the sinew which will result in a textural difference.

To prevent injury, a rule of thumb when filleting is to have the belly of the fish faced towards you. It stops the spikes on the fins from jabbing you, and also means the knife points away from your elbows when you are slicing.

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - ocean trout

To prepare sashimi from a whole fish, you must first clear the gastro, remove the gills and blood lines.

The fish should be washed while whole and not once it has been filleted.

Raj demonstrates with an Ocean Trout and then gives a hands-on tutorial with another fish. Below is Michael showing us the thin skeleton left on his filleted Trevally.

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - trevally skeleton

Those game enough to prepare sashimi from a whole fish at home, will find that the process is quite economical. Sashimi off-cuts and bones are great for making stocks, fish pastes or fish powders. Plus the fish head can be reserved for a delicious Malaysian fish head curry.

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - attendees

We learn to make our own nigiri sushi – which I must admit is a lot harder than it looks. Mine was barely presentable but edible nonetheless!

Thankfully the chef takes over soon after and prepares a magnificent sushi and sashimi platter for us to share.

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - Chef Raj preparing the snapper carpaccio

We start with a snapper carpaccio with ponzu sauce, ginger and chives. The joy of watching the chef artfully prepare this from scratch and then being able to eat it immediately is a divine experience.

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - nigiri making


Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - daikon

As we sip our wines, the chef continues to prepare spider rolls; inside out
california rolls; sashimi of kingfish belly, trevally and ocean trout;
and nigiri sushi of yellow fin tuna and snapper.

Every item is absolutely flawless in presentation and taste.

Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - inside out rolls


Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - sake wine


Flying Fish Restaurant - sushi and sashimi masterclass - platter

The Sushi and Sashimi Masterclass is a different way of eating out. It’s educational, fun and sumptuous, and you’ll even get a set of take-home recipes!

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Flying Fish Restaurant
19 – 20 Pirrama Road, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont NSW
Phone: (02) 95186677

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JENIUS and a friend experienced the Sushi and Sashimi Masterclass as guests of Impressions Marketing Communications and Flying Fish.

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  • looks so fun! the way he filleted that fish is just too pro!

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