For those of you who have only ever eaten marshmallows by Pascall (those packet ones you find in the supermarket), you’ll be blown away by the gourmet marshmallows at Sweetness. I’ve been lucky enough to have tasted them several times, at various food festivals and having received them as a birthday present a few years back. But it was only recently that I visited the store…
So here’s some eye candy!

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - display

The store is absolutely gorgeous like a fantasy patisserie.
Mountains of shortbreads, florentines and rocky road glow through glass cloches. Marshmallows of all flavours and colours are neatly packaged and piled into mammoth bowls.

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - marshmallows

Provencal style tables and bookshelves hold even more delectable morsels.

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - table of treats

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - bookshelf of baked goods

Treats on offer include pate de fruits, which are divine jellies in scrumptious flavours like raspberry, guava, lychee rose, pear and blood orange.
There are also mini macarons, shortbreads (love the sound of the kaffir lime and pistachio shortbread!), chocolate bars, spiced pecans, English toffee and so much more!

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - tarts, cakes and macarons

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - biscuits

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - macarons

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - jellies

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - more goodies

The large open kitchen allows you to watch a team of baking extraordinaires at work. It’s a reminder that everything here is handmade and fresh.

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - open kitchen

Marshmallows though, are Sweetness’ signature indulgence. These fresh, luscious pillows are made with fruit purees, juices, oils and zests, freshly brewed espresso, pure extracts, vanilla beans and rose water.
Let me assure you, you can really taste the difference!
There are thirty flavours ranging from passionfruit (my personal favourite) to maple & lime. Others you’ll love include aniseed, lime & coconut, gingerbread, maple & lime, sour cherry, toasted coconut, brown sugar & cinnamon, pineapple and lavender.

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - marshmallows

These are available in various pack sizes ranging in price from $2.50 to $16.

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - bags of marshmallows

Yeh, I bought the $16 bag all for myself. But of course, they’d also make great gifts 🙂

Sweetness The Patisserie, Epping, Sydney - marshmallows on floral plate

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Sweetness The Patisserie
38 Oxford Street, Epping, NSW
Phone: (02) 9869 3800

Open Monday – Wednesday & Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, Thursday 8:30am – 8pm and Saturday 9am – 5pm. Closed on Sundays.
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  • I love Sweetness’ marshmallows! For the flavours, their texture and the girly pastel colours. Really, once you’ve tried these then your usual packet marshmallows just don’t make the grade.

  • Ever since having freshly made marshmallows, I can’t go back to those store bought ones. I still haven’t been able to try Sweetness’ marshmallows but they look so devine. Wow 30 flavours! That’s impressive!

  • Lil

    Everything looks oh so pretty! Definitely want to check this place out!

  • I adore the provencal look of this place. Perfectly matches the desserts. Those marshmallows look amazing 🙂

  • Wow, I knew they did marshmallows as I’ve been given them as a gift, but I had no idea the shop was so epic and filled with other goodies.

  • Lay

    I used to work in Epping and when Sweetness opened, lunch time was never the same again. I would make a stop at Sweetness after getting lunch – almost everyday..and the waitline expanded with time! haha the stuff there is very good. my all time fav is their English Toffee (I could eat bags of it)!

  • Uao! I like marshmallow, beatiful photo! Bye from Italy.