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The Dip

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This time, two weeks ago, I was doing the dip.

I had a sudden craving for greasy (good greasy not bad greasy) food, so I joined Sydney’s American craze and headed to The Dip.

Special thanks to my lovely light stands dining companions, @RadhikaR and @MaestroJ, for helping me pull off some decent photos with the iPhone4′s flashlight in The Dip’s dark conditions!

The Dip - food on table

I couldn’t come here and not have Lev’s Dawg ($12). It’s a smoked hot dog with chipotle mayo, fresh tomato salsa, grilled yellow peppers and American mustard on a steamed bun. It’s so pretty to look at, and is bursting with flavour. It definitely sets the benchmark for hotdogs!

The Dip - Lev's dawg

The other two gleefully eat their pulled pork nachos ($15) and The Damn Skippy burger ($12).

The Dip - pulled pork nachos, apple and cabbage slaw, salsa fries, fries with chipotle mayo

We also share three sides – the slaw ($6), a refreshing mix of apple and cabbage, and two fries ($6). They’re thick cut, crunchy and fluffy. One of them is topped with fresh tomato salsa and cheese, and the other, served with an addictive chipotle mayo.

The serving portions are spot on. Not a crumb is left on any plate.

The Dip - the damn skippy burger

While crazy music bursts through the GoodGod Small Club door, we decide to share two desserts.

Cookies N Cream ($10) is a delectable scoop of salted caramel icecream seated between two chocolate molasses cookies with hot chocolate fudge. The icecream is AMAZING.

The Dip - cookies n cream

The other dessert we try is the Ice Cold Guac ($10). Because I’m a lover of avocado milkshakes, I quite enjoy the avocado icecream, although I find that it isn’t avocadoey enough. The strawberry salsa is beautiful, sweet and minty and adds a lot of character to the dish.

The Dip -ice cold guacamole - sweet avocado icecream with strawberry salsa and waffle chips

Food at The Dip is fun, cheap and satisfying.

If you plan to visit, keep an eye out for new dishes and daily specials via their Twitter page or blog.

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The Dip at GoodGod

55 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW

Phone: (02) 9283 8792

Web: www.thedip.com.au

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