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Cafe Sopra

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Cafe Sofra Waterloo has closed and relocated to Alexandria

I’ve been having some pretty awesome days. Some involve me being in the same room as my heroes Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki and others have been just pure indulgent. I’m all about slowing down in life lately – taking the time to breathe and appreciate everything around.

On this particular day, I took the morning off my usual juggling act to hang out with my sister who recently relocated to regional NSW for work, and was in Sydney for a few days.

Good food and fabric shopping was on the agenda (I’m sewing her a dress for her birthday). So with The Remnant Warehouse at Alexandria in mind, we decided to brunch at somewhere nearby and ended up at Cafe Sopra at Waterloo. It has been years since I’ve dined here.

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - view of kitchen from the bar

With a no bookings policy, we rock up early to make sure there is a minimal wait. Within minutes, we’re seated at the bar, which really is the best seat in the house, especially with a direct view into the restaurant’s engine room. While sipping from our lattes, we strategically ponder over the large blackboard menu.

Will the crisp polenta with oyster mushroom and gorgonzola sauce be enough? Is the osso buco too heavy for brunch? Is the battered flathead too ordinary to order, in comparison to all the other magnificent produce-centric dishes? Or maybe we should share.

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - latte coffee

Sharing, it is.

First up is the shaved brussel sprout salad with soft poached egg, oyster mushroom, cavalo nero, pancetta and aged balsamic ($18).

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - shaved brussel sprout salad with soft poached egg and lemon and dill mayonnaise

With a quick stab, runny egg yolk oozes all over the salad. The creaminess wraps around the crisp greens and Spanish onion. The combination of flavours are simple but decadent.

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo -  runny soft poached egg over brussel sprout salad

Next is the orecchiette with kingfish, garlic, lemon and chilli ($24), which is the first dish to be crossed off the blackboard today. I’m so glad we didn’t miss out. There’s a beautiful fresh vibe to it – the vibrant greens and reds of the parsley and chilli and the perfectly pan-fried bites of kingfish. The pasta deserves a mention too as it tender but still maintains a firm bite. It’s a very well balanced dish, and so generous in serving size.

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - orecchiette with kingfish, garlic, lemon and chilli

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - lunching

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - dining space

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - blackboard menu

To top off a brilliant morning, a sweet finish is a must, and so we have the torta banoffee ($14.50).

It’s a flawless pile of chocolate shavings, cream, banana slices and dulce de leche on a moreish biscuit base. It is so so delicious, my sister and I both fall into a satisfied silence. Mmmm…

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - torta banoffee

Fratelli Fresh downstairs is eye candy for food lovers. So much fresh produce, each waiting to be purchased and turned into something utterly scrumptious.

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo - view of Fratelli Fresh from upstairs at the restaurant

Like what Fratelli Fresh is to food lovers, The Remnant Warehouse is an emporium of treasures to anyone that sews. After an hour of carefully browsing through every single aisle, we happily depart with a selection of summery fabrics and whimsical lace.

Summer sewing, turquoise coloured fabrics from The Remnant Warehouse

It was quite the perfect morning out.

Cafe Sopra
Upstairs of Fratelli Fresh
7 Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 9699 3174
Web: www.fratellifresh.com.au
Open Monday – Friday, 10am – 3pm; Saturdays 8am – 4pm and Sundays 10am – 3pm.

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