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Fish Place, Surry Hills

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Fish is rarely something I get excited about. Seafood, yes, but fish specifically, not so much.That was until Fish Place opened up, just one block away from my office!

It has since become my new go-to place for lunches or after-work dinner with friends.

The front facade features a mural of large sardine tins. It is bold and quirky, and rather hard to miss.

The menu on the other hand, is kept simple – fish of the day is available grilled or beer-battered, there’s a hearty fish pie, or hot smoked salmon or ocean trout fillets which in my opinion, are the showstoppers.

Fish Place, Surry Hills

The selection of salads are vibrant and fabulous. There’s a fennel salad, one with beetroot and mint, and an excellent black eyed pea and avocado salsa which contains a good surprise kick of finely chopped birds eye chillies. Other sides on offer include potato bake, pea mash and chips, and they’re all done really well.

Ocean trout risoni, fresh hot smoked salmon

If you’re lucky, the ocean trout risoni special will be on the blackboard menu. This salad is light yet robust in flavour, a great texturally exciting way to sample the smoked ocean trout if large fillets of fish aren’t your thing.

You’ll be delighted with the prices too. The hot smoked salmon or ocean trout fillet with choice of salad is $12.50, fish & chips are just $10, and both the smoked salmon bagel and fish pie are only $8.50 each! Plus there are $3.50 chippy cups, adding a bit of old-school temptation to three-thirtyitis.

Deep fried fish and chips, sea bream grilled with mashed peas, smoked ocean trout with potato bake, risoni salad at Fish Place, Surry Hills

Fish pie and salsa at Fish place, Surry Hills

Smoked salmon bagel and fish and chips at Fish Place

Fish Place is just like any casual local fish & chip shop, except the food here is impeccably fresh and delicious, and it comes complete with the Surry Hills hallmark – a hidden outdoor dining space at the back with a collection of cool furnishings.

Oh, and it’s also BYO!

Fish Place
70 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW

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