Coffee is a life force. Coffee is there to get us through every early morning, or that mid-afternoon slump. Coffee is there for catch ups with old friends, or to warm up a cold day.  My friends say I have a serious addiction. It’s not serious; I just need coffee in my life. Coffee understands me.

The Coffee Experience at the Royal Hall of Industries brought coffee enthusiasts and professionals together to bring all things coffee to Sydney. The three day event was a hub of collaboration and education from some of the industry’s best and brightest. Did I mention coffee?

The Coffee Experience

One exhibitor that stood out with a container-load full of coffee was the Adore Estate Coffee Lab by Coffee Galleria. The Coffee Lab, housed in a shipping container brought the Coffee Galleria brand to visitors in a unique way. It is a travelling container; doing the rounds at trade shows and events throughout the year from The Royal Easter Show Sydney to the Royal Melbourne Show and it’s even off to America next year.

The Coffee Lab

For coffee-lovers and caffeine junkies, Coffee Galleria has just launched their latest product – Killer Coffee. I do love a killer cuppa, and Killer Coffee is being promoted as the strongest coffee you will ever taste. How could I not?

Killer Coffee beans on the shelf
Killer Coffee

I had a piccolo to taste. I found it to be a good strength – it didn’t taste bitter or too strong, something that might be expected from the strongest cup of coffee going around. That being said, my coffee problem (okay, maybe I have a problem) has progressed to the point to which no coffee is too strong. I found it to be quite smooth, and I could probably have had a double shot if I was having a flat white.

Flat white, cold brew and piccolo
Killer Coffee piccolo and Kenyan cold brew

Coffee Galleria creator Nick Mastro recommended the Jackson blend, his first and favourite blend. I probably preferred this to the Killer blend; it had a rich, smooth taste. My coffee companion agreed; she thoroughly enjoyed her Jackson blend flat white, even without sugar as she usually takes hers.

Inside the Coffee Lab

The cold brew coffees are a different kind of experience. There are two types of cold brew, single origin coffee from Ethiopia and Kenya. Cold brew is a great way to taste the flavour profile of a coffee. Like wine, coffee has ‘tasting notes’ – these are lost somewhat in hot espresso. The natural, six hour cold brew is a natural process that brings out flavor – and it has 60-70% less acidity than a regular espresso. 

Cold brew drip in The Coffee Lab
Cold drip 

As an insatiable consumer of hot, milk based coffee, I tried the Kenyan brew and it was unlike any coffee I’d previously drunk. Light and refreshing, the cold brews have fruitiness to them, almost tea-like in flavour. These cold brews are ideal for cold beverages – espresso martinis, iced coffee or simply enjoyed over ice. With summer coming, they are a perfect warm weather coffee fix.


Coffee beans, inside the Coffee Lab and brewing espresso

Coffee Galleria’s Killer Coffee is simply the latest development in their ever-expanding range. The Killer Coffee Co promises to take their caffeine hits to death-defying levels. For a less deadly hit of caffeine Adore Coffee has a range of other blends and single origins, and cafe owners can also create their own custom blends. You can purchase Adore Coffee here

The Coffee Experience was at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park Precinct, Sydney, on 4-6 September 2014. For more information, go to
You can also find more information on Coffee Galleria at