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I Ate My Way Through Team

I Ate My Way Through is cultivated by real food and travel aficionados who are on a mission to provide inspiration and guidance, to enrich your eating and travel adventures. We’re a community of friends, writers, photographers, eaters and foragers who have appetites larger than our stomachs can hold!

Led by Jennifer Lam (better known online, as Jenius), I Ate My Way Through explores a broad range of cuisines and cultures that put simply, are experiences that we like or are stories that we find aspirational. We’re independent curators for savvy foodies and travelholics.


Alana is an avid writer, traveller and eater. She’s Sydney born and raised, but spent 5 years living and studying in London, which gave her great opportunities to see the world. Alana is an actor by trade, so creativity is in her blood. In her spare time, she’s a theatre critic here in Sydney, and is always on the lookout for new and exciting pre-theatre dining options. Alana is often seen camera in hand, munching on the latest sweet treat and endeavouring to get that perfect shot. If puppies happen to be involved, it wouldn’t be a total disaster.

As a self-proclaimed MacGyver-style cook, Alexandra has brought people to tears with just a slice of well-prepared frozen pizza. She's a web producer by day, and moonlights as a DJ/host for a YouTube cooking show that doesn't exist.

Amy is a born and bred Adelaidian who believes that popcorn and choc tops are the pinnacle of gastronomy. Travel agent by day, gnocchi inhaler by night, Amy loves exploring her city looking for the best food it has to offer (including, but not limited to - metre long pizzas and burger bars by the dozen). When she’s not reviewing fish and chip shops for her travel and lifestyle blog, she can be found at the beach, having picnics and patting other people’s dogs.

Amy is a former resident of Cabramatta and is the tour leader for I Ate My Way Through Cabramatta. Having lived away from Sydney's Little Vietnam for a short while she misses the sights, sounds and flavours of her hometown. When Amy isn't constantly chatting about food, she is writing about it on her blog tinytearoom.com. Amy also owns and operates Seventh Tree Soaps where she creates natural, handmade cold-processed soaps, balms and serums.

Andi's adventurous palette all began with a scoop of humble maple bacon ice-cream on a rainy day in Nashville when the thought occurred to her "what if i never get to eat this again?". Since then a passion for food exploration and travel has taken her on many adventures. When she's not looking for the strangest thing on the menu, Andi is often found wondering if she could live off a diet of cheese and apologising for what she said when she was hangry.

As the grandchild of two Polish chefs and the child of doughnut shop owners, Barbara's passion for food was put into her cradle. Later she decided to study Cultural Anthropology in Germany, where she got the chance to learn more about food from a theoretical perspective. Her studies, food love and her new affection for urban gardening, have taken her to countries all over the world. You can observe her hunting at the local markets for exotic foods, seeds, tasty dishes, good pictures and storytellers. She is currently travelling through the culinary world of Australia.

Basmah is a self-proclaimed chocoholic and pizza lover. When she's not found eating, she is usually studying for her media degree and having a conversation with her two cats. She's a writer, bookworm and an undomestic goddess. She attempted to cook on two occasions, and while it seemed like she knew exactly what she was doing, the end result was not exactly Masterchef standards. That was when she decided to stick to eating food and let someone else do the cooking. While she's not the best cook, she can eat her own body weight in food and believes no dish is complete without a handful of spices. In her spare time, Basmah is a beauty blogger and TV show addict.

Winner My Kitchen Rules 2011. Obsessed with Food.

Canadian born and raised, Bradlyn has always had a passion for travel and food. She loves experiencing new adventures and cuisines, and her favourite thing is getting on a plane to the next great place. Whether it’s trying Slovakian food in the middle of the mountains after a 7 hour hike or eating a full Turkish meal aboard a Turkish Gullet, the food is something Bradlyn never forgets. Bradlyn is studying her Masters degree and slowly making her way through the amazing food and experiences that Sydney has to offer. Bradlyn has a major sweet tooth and can’t pass up the opportunity to try the next great dessert. Ice cream is definitely her favourite food group.

Born with a rare zest for life, Caity lives by the mantra ‘do it with passion or not at all’. As a self-confessed health junkie, she has an avid spirit for chasing the latest raw, vegan, wheat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free recipes and restaurants. A firm believer in making the most of every day, she can often be found sourcing out Sydney’s chicest breakfast cafes, jogging along the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk or with a glass of wine in her hand at one of Sydney’s best 100 bars. Her mission in life is to inspire people to eat better, strive for balance and above all else, enjoy life.

Contrary to popular belief, Carmen is not a combination of an automobile and human males. Instead, she is a university student studying a bachelor of design and international studies. Carmen believes that the details in life are what makes life worth living and focuses on capturing these transient moments in her designs. All that Carmen wants from life is to travel, eat and inspire. During her spare time, Carmen is busy designing, looking for places to eat and coming up with excuses to go overseas. She believes that a country’s food and eating etiquette strongly reflects the culture and history of the place. In Sydney, you will most likely find her waiting for coffee at a café. Carmen also worryingly accepts bribes that are rewarded with sushi (sashimi is also accepted).

A lawyer and a Zumba instructor, Cath is at her happiest when absorbed in food and has run her personal food blog – www.confessionsofaglutton.com – for the last three years. She believes that as food is essential to sustenance and survival, great enjoyment should be taken from this everyday activity. When not indulging in the Sydney food scene, you can find her in her home kitchen attempting to create gourmet dishes or at the gym trying to work off all the good food.

Catherine is a contributing writer at I Ate My Way Through. Having just graduated with a Bachelor of Media and Communications, Catherine has a passion for travelling and the culinary delights that come with exploring new places and cultures. She favours Italian food (and wine of course) having lived and worked for a year there when she was 18. Catherine is also a full time lover of good coffee and cake. At any given day you can find Catherine trailing around Sydney's cafés enjoying the delectable treats they have to offer. Often nestled in the corner of an inconspicuous cafe, notepad and pen in hand, Catherine has a partiality for anything covered in chocolate and really cannot go past the old traditional favourite, the chocolate brownie.

Charisse is currently in the middle of studying her (very long) double degree in Communications and Law. As a self-declared foodie and social media lurker, you will most likely find her at a local café or restaurant chowing down her latest meal – after taking at least 20 different photos of it. As a lover of life, adventure, travel and dessert, Charisse believes life is too short not to have that cronut.

Christina delights in new experiences and aims to create content that inspires, whether that's with her words, camera or paintbrush. If she's not working her way through an entire trees’ worth of readings from her combined Media and Law degree, she’s probably planning her next travel adventure, taking shots of everything she experiences (and eats) and blogging it all at sketchandrun.com. Feed her tapioca pearls in Asian bubble tea and she’ll love you forever.

Craig is currently in the middle of studying a degree in Marketing. Although he is born and raised in Sydney, he is lucky enough to be taken to all corners of the world whether it be with family or friends. His passion for travel, good eats and whiskey has seen him experience hidden gems from all over the world. Working in hospitality has given him a chance to learn how to create good food. When he isn't in Sydney enjoying the best bars and eats, he can be found at home having a BBQ with friends and family. Craig believes that good food and good vibes leads to a good life.

David has worked professionally in the Food & Beverage industry for over 7 years as the head of marketing & development in an international hospitality group. At the moment he's enthralled with skin-contact wines (try them if you haven't) otherwise David will be in a kitchen recreating & experimenting with both celebrated and contemporary dishes whilst curbing his addiction for sneakers and Japanese chefs knives.

Delia is a contributing writer and the tour leader for I Ate My Way Through Chinatown Sydney. Currently studying Marketing, PR and Advertising, Delia lives to explore food and the world. She is hopelessly idealistic and believes dreams are what make the world beautiful. She always strives for balance in life; between work and play, health and indulgence. On any day Delia can be found sweating it out with the newest fitness fad, or gorging out on BBQ buffet. Often both. Believing in the realm of opportunities, the world is her oyster. A delicious, plump oyster that she will most likely eat.

American Journalist and Chef living in Sydney. Dylan is a traveler, writer, and advocate of diverse cultures and cuisines. His greatest ambition is, and forever will be, the next meal and adventure.

Eddie is a food and travel blogger from Sydney. Bon vivant, brunch enthusiast and that person who always saves room for dessert. Due to an insatiable appetite for worldly wanderings her life can best be described as a moveable feast . Eddie has travelled to +40 countries and lived in foodie-hotspots Paris, London and New York. When in town, she divides her time between teaching 'Online Media' at the University of Sydney, working as a photographer and exploring the latest food scene. You’re likely to spot her roaming the streets of Sydney with a camera slung over her shoulder or tapping away on a laptop in a local cafe. You can follow along on more of Eddie’s adventures at www.theportmanteaupress.com

What’s the quickest way to get Eriel’s attention? Mention burgers, chicken or anything sweet. She may be tiny on the outside, but don’t be fooled – her appetite is big. When she’s not on the lookout for the next deliciously, unhealthy meal to scarf down, you can find her singing and playing some tunes, reading, hiking, or making her next unnecessary online purchase.

Erin-Rose is a foodie plagued with the travel bug. When she isn’t trawling though travel and food Instagram feeds, she’s out and about with friends trying to find the best food in new places and familiar haunts. The local food markets for some cheap street eats usually being her main choice, followed by some cheesecake. When she isn’t catching up with friends over a glass of wine (or three), she’s working at her hospitality job or reading a good book. Fresh out of a double degree in Media & Communications and International Relations, her future goal is to eat her way around the world while soaking up as much culture and adventure as she can.

Franz is the man behind Australian Gourmet Pages, a Spirits Editor for Gourmet Traveller’s Wine magazine and a contributor to Blend magazine (New Zealand), American Express Centurion and Platinum magazines.

Although Georgia was born and raised in Sydney, her strong passion for travel has taken her on many journeys further afield. Her love of food and adventurous nature means she’s happy to try just about anything. Sit her in a café anywhere in the world with good music and a cup of tea and she’ll be content. As long as she can bring her cats, Biggie and Lulu.

A girl who plans her life around meal times, Grace dedicates her time to the pursuit of delicious food. Being the daughter of a Naturopath means she grew up with healthy eating in the forefront of her mind. Admittedly sacrificing flavour for health at times of weakness, she adores finding a new sugar-free dessert or gluten-free meal. When night time comes, she loves to explore Sydney’s vibrant bar scene, searching for secret nooks and crannies around the city. In her free time, you’ll always find Grace curled up with a good book, a cup of tea and her puppy Scrumpy.

Hanna is a contributing writer and is passionate about travel, photography, writing and of course amazing food. Whenever there’s a new vegan restaurant opening up in town she’ll be the first in line. If she’s not off on a travelling adventure - documenting it on hannasplanet.com - she can usually be found eating her way through Newtown or lying at the beach reading a good book.

Jacqui Yep’s food memories includes cook-ups on her grandparents’ market garden farm, working in family businesses (fish’n’chips, burgers, lunchbar, fruit’n’vege), catering for a follower of a religious sect originated in 19th century India, rip-off meal in Rome by a Pavarotti lookalike, caring for an elderly who had an AGA coal cooker, reading a herbal menu with scorpion soup, preparing a hangi feast, and folding paper origami har gau. Not even food allergies can stop her curiosity with food. She collects little bowls and foodie magnets from travels, makes cakes in a rice cooker, chooses to live without a microwave, takes photos of food-themed graffiti and carries way too many groceries on her mountain bike.

Jason has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 7 years. During this time, Jason has had the pleasure of working at a few well-respected restaurants including Sean’s Kitchen (closed), Mr Wong, Sokyo and Cho Cho San. He has a great passion for coffee, photography, great wine and even greater food. Born in Australia, he has quite a diverse background (Chinese/Egyptian) and is quite blessed to be able to converse in Mandarin although it is admittedly a little rusty. During his spare time, you can find him cafe crawling and searching for the best eats Sydney has to offer.

Jennifer is the founding blogger of I Ate My Way Through (originally, Jenius.com.au). Growing up in the multicultural melting pot of Sydney’s Inner West as a second generation Australian (of Vietnamese refugee parents of Teochew Chinese ancestry), Jen has always had a deep curiosity about global cuisines, culinary heritage and the cultural assimilation of immigrants. For Jen and her family, food is always at the centre of all celebrations, life events and milestones. A lover of the finer things in life, as well as cheap eats, her blogging ethos is all about empowering and inspiring people to expand their culinary repertoire. When not running her two companies (she is also the Managing Director of The Bamboo Garden online marketing agency), Jen can be found exploring old-world charms at vintage markets and delving into local eats around the world. She has a weakness for fried chicken.

The biggest decision of Jess's day is often what to have for lunch. A coffee addict, sweet tooth and glutton all rolled in one; Jess has a love for food. She has a reputation among her friends as a big eater, and has taken on several eating challenges just to prove a point. Jess loves to bake, mainly to indulge her own sweet tooth, but also to share the dessert love! Jess works in hospitality and is constantly surrounded by delicious food - she is always first to volunteer as taste tester when any new recipes are being created. There’s no need to ask if Jess is hungry – she almost always is.

Being an Asian-Australia born in Taiwan, Jessie went on her first flight when she was 10 months old, and has been travelling at least once a year ever since. Having been raised to never waste food, she has developed a liking for almost all sorts of food (other than her inability to stand the smell of seafood and her low tolerance for spicy food). Her proud discoveries include the combination of peanut butter and cheese on toast and the oh-so-amazing yet extremely underrated Cambodian cuisine like the Samlor Kako. When back at home in Sydney, if she's not out brunching on a Sunday morning, she can be found (or not found) practicing away on her percussion instruments including marimba, vibraphone and (yes) even triangle, which makes her feel less guilty about rewarding herself with food afterwards.

Justin believes that some of the best places you’ll ever try are the ones you don’t even know you’re looking for. Though an admirer of good music and film, Justin’s main aspirations lie within his passion for food. With an obsession over doughnuts, he devotes his spare time eating his way through Sydney’s latest food trends. In the rare case that he is not thinking about food, you’ll find him out and about - photographing whatever captures his attention. Never turning down an opportunity to try new things, Justin is always on the search for a new food taste sensation.

Kevin is an aspiring journalist but is currently on the quest to find the greasiest burger he can find. He’s not afraid to try new things and new concepts. Coming from a Filipino background, he has tried the best of both worlds; Asian cuisine and Western influenced dishes. A personal love of coffee and craft beer, he tries to pair the best of the best within the diverse foodie culture in Sydney. Kevin’s ultimate travel dream is to finally visit New York City.

Having an Iranian mother who is an excellent cook and having spent her childhood in Spain meant that Leila was spoilt for choice food-wise from a very young age. Now based in London, she is a regular contributor at I Ate My Way Through and also writes restaurant reviews for an online publication. She loves nothing more than hosting huge dinner parties at home where she tries out all the recipes she’s picked up whilst travelling the world. Her friends regularly get treated to culinary delights that originate in South Korea, Cambodia, Iceland, Iran, Spain, France and Latin America. When she’s not cooking or eating her way around London and the world she is likely to be enjoying her other passion: music, whether it’s listening to it, dancing to it, or writing about it.

Overgoogling recipes. Freezing bones for stocks. Creating a turducken at age 12. Weeping emotionally at the thought of a delicious pastry and abandoning a 5 year career in advertising and art direction - these are all things Margaret has done for her love of food. Now in culinary school, Margaret permanently has her ear to the ground of Sydney’s food scene and the world’s best chefs.

Monica's passion for food started at a young age - mixing various sauces into leftover drinks whenever she dined out - her family can definitely vouch for that. Which is no surprise that she then took on Food Technology for her study and has worked in a food ingredient company for the past 13 years. Monica loves taking photos of foods which then progressed to having her own food blog (currently inactive but she is planning to revive it again). She would try anything once, but her favourite type of foods are definitely Japanese and desserts.

English-born Natasha has been travelling from an early age. Formerly a fussy eater, her travels have given her a passion for food and now loves trying new things. On a student’s budget, she can often be found at home eating her Dad’s paella or at her local Thai restaurant. Lover all things spicy, Natasha also has a massive sweet tooth, which didn’t help her waistline much during her time living in France!

Ngeun is the tour leader for I Ate My Way Through Laos in Sydney. He is a Lao-Australian artist and home cook, and is passionate about modern Lao and Australian cuisine, and learning about new recipes and ingredients. One of his favourite Lao dishes is jeow with sticky rice. Ngeun also blogs at padaek.com.

Currently studying Finance, and working in hospitality, Nicole relishes a delicious meal out any day. Described by her friends as an 'insta-queen' who is always up-to-date with new restaurants, cafes and bars, she is regularly called upon for advice by friends for good places to eat and drink. Despite favouring to eat healthy food where possible, she possesses a lethal sweet tooth, particularly for cake -- that anyone who knows her can attest to.

Best described as a healthy foodie, wine, food and travel are Nic’s three favourite things. She loves keeping fit and is genuinely passionate about discovering dining options that are both delicious AND good for you. When she’s not pounding the pavement for a cardio hit or helping out friends with restaurant or holiday recommendations, you’ll find her heading up the Social Media Team for popular travel brands Wotif.com and lastminute.com.au and probably planning her own next trip! While she gets excited over a great salad and could happily eat avocado toast every day for the rest of her life, her unashamed weakness is a fancy-pants meal out. Preferably with a killer wine list. She’s also pretty partial to a small bar that takes its food as seriously as its beverages. Her recent destination wedding reception pretty much sums up Nic: a seven course degustation dinner with matching wines and a raw gluten-free cherry, chocolate and coconut wedding cake for good measure.

Nyla is the tour leader for I Ate My Way Through Sydney Farms. She grew up in a large farming community of the North Island of New Zealand. Her enthusiasm for buying fresh produce stemmed from her memories of a plethora of vegetables and fruit grown in the back garden by her family. The fresh produce was harvested at its peak and cooked within hours into delicious meals or preserved using various methods for future use. Nyla understands that food that's fresh is a commodity quickly being eroded by Sydney's burgeoning population which demands farming land close to Sydney be substituted for housing. Nyla has lived in Sydney for more than 30 years and has discovered over that time places she can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables direct from the farmer.

Eating, travelling and writing are the three things Phoebe enjoys most in life. On a typical Sunday, you will find the die-hard coffee lover sipping her way through local cafes and exploring vintage shops full of undiscovered treasures. A lover of all foods make naming a favourite impossible, but her heart melts at the sight of cheese and cured meats. Seeing the world through a glass half full, Phoebe absorbs a life of culinary bliss and travel.

Being brought up on her Mum’s experimental and delicious cooking, Rachael has always enjoyed her food from a young age, and was always found at the food table at any party (still to date). Combining a love of food, hospitality and creative writing, food writing has quickly become a passion for expressing the love of a dining out experience. A perfect night out would be a burger in one hand, an espresso martini in the other and a view of the ocean.

Sabrine is a health professional by nurture, foodie by nature. When not trying to eat her body weight in pasta, she can usually be found at her stove attempting to make sourdough or a new flavour of hummus. She's passionate about making things from scratch and is making it her mission to create a world where we all bake our own bread and make our own cheese. Sabrine LOVES chilli and much to the dismay of her mother, adds it to pretty much everything.

Sammy is a kiwi who is obsessed with writing and exploring. Her addiction to adventure travel and exotic food has taken her to remote corners of the earth. In every country she has absorbed herself into local life, experiencing authentic food and cooking first hand. From eating in a small village in Nicaragua to 5 star dining in the Maldives, Sammy just loves flavours. Always being told off for licking the plate at restaurants, she has an intense passion for food and knows an extra foam cappuccino can be life changing. When she isn’t on the road, she can be found either in the ocean or dancing at a music festival.

Sarah's weekdays are spent immersed in the hectic and ruthless corporate world but her weekends and evenings are dedicated to pursuing her true passion: food. Equally comfortable in a three-hat fine dining restaurant or a pop-up, hole-in-the-wall eatery, Sarah tries to satisfy her obsession for all things culinary with a never-ending quest to seek out the newest and most exciting dishes in Sydney. She has also travelled extensively across Europe and Asia and the first part of any trip-planning is, of course, in-depth research into the local food specialities. This globe-trotting has led to a fascination with a great variety of cuisines - from Shanghaiese dumplings to modern Australian seafood, from Turkish Gözleme to Yorkshire puddings. If there is a new restaurant or dish on the scene, Sarah won't be far away!

Never one to shy away from a food challenge, Sarah is often there to assist with an impartial opinion during any I Ate My Way Through food crawls. Sarah is obsessed with good pasta - making it, storing it, eating it. Being interested in the ways food, culture & language intersect, Sarah has also developed a small addiction to documentaries & web pages that cover these issues.

The self proclaimed 'Indiana Jones' of foodies, Stoney is never one to shy away from a challenge. And by challenge, she's talking about the newest and hottest foods. Being born with the heart of a city girl but raised on her parent's homeland cuisine (Cambodian/Vietnamese), her favourites are modern takes of traditional dishes that bring out new sensations and experiences from classic tried-and-true recipes. With tastebuds that are always searching for new things to eat, Stoney isn't the type to eat the same thing twice in a row. Unless it's really really good. Then maybe.

Tammi is a glutton and food nerd. She believes in food as an experiential journey, and loves learning the stories and culture behind the food. Eat. All. The. Food.

Teresa (Tess), is the tour leader for I Ate My Way Through Harris Park. A corporate trainer turned culinary instructor has just launched her first book, Tastes & Traditions about her South Indian culture, and also her unique business, DelicaTess, which delivers in-home South Indian cooking classes in Sydney. Her aim is to demystify Indian cooking. She draws on her diverse cultural background, family cooking traditions and her appreciation of Ayurveda. The food tours demonstrate her personality, her food passion, and knowledge on Indian food, spice and all that’s nice!

With French language and literature background, Tianyi believes in everything bon chic bon genre in a refined French way. Having lived in 4 countries (China, France, the Netherlands, Australia), Tianyi has a keen eye on different cultures and cuisines. Food and travel keep her going. During her time in Sydney, Tianyi has finished her Master’s Degree in PR yet still strives for enriching her food and travel stories. You’ll find her trying new and unfamiliar things all the time. When she isn’t reading with a glass half full, she can be found on the surfboard riding the waves.

As the name suggests, Zen is calm and relaxed. He has a strong passion and excitement for life and is fascinated by the littlest of things. With a great tongue (to eat), eye (to take photos) and hands (for holding the food lighting), Zen is truly an accomplished individual. He is light-hearted and is never one to take anything too seriously; a lover of beer and a lover of Jen (aka Jenius), his favourite dishes almost always involves scallops. He is best known for using sauce on everything he eats.