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Fiji Friday: Breakfast buffet at Radisson Blu Resort, Denarau Island

I've mentioned before that I love breakfast buffets... So you'll be pleased to know that the one at Radisson Blu Resort, where I stayed for the duration of the South Pacific Food & Wine...

Tour of Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm and an epic BBQ lunch at Saffire

The time has come for the last blog post of 2011. It has been an exceptional year of tremendous eats but for this last post of the year, there's no better subject to share,...

Swissotel Nankai Osaka & where foodies shop

Winding down to the last leg of the trip, after returning from Kyoto, we stayed at one of Osaka's most luxurious hotels, Swissotel Nankai. Located at the heart of Namba, its proximity to key entertainment...

Nishiyama Ryokan, Kyoto

I was traveling with first-time-visitors-to-Japan and although it would've been super fun to just keep eating and shopping in Osaka, I wanted to ensure that they experienced the historical beauty of Japan. So I...

The Langham Melbourne Hotel

Being a Gen Y myself, I know that many of us would choose budget accommodation as a compromise for splurging on other things such as shopping or food. We love our luxuries but are...

Travelling to Singapore

I'm back from Singapore & Vietnam with an extra 3kg in body weight, lighter hair (I had my roots touched up and new highlights done for less than $8 AUD in Vietnam), 5GB of photos to edit and a wardrobe full of new dresses and shoes. Yay!
Royce hotel melbourne

Royce Hotel, Melbourne

For the last four days, Zen and I have been hiding out in Melbourne -another of our spontaneous holidays. I love the internet age... we were able to plan and book everything from airfare, accomodation to restaurants, all just a day before flying!

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