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Balinese Spice Magic, Wollongong + Traditional Corn Fritter Recipe

Indonesia celebrated Independence Day last weekend, and marked its 69th year since declaring independence from the Dutch. Indonesia is an archipelago made up of around 17,000 islands, (try saying that three times quickly - archipelago,...
Sydney to Batemans Bay road trip

Sydney to Batemans Bay road trip

With my kid brother (11) and Zen's nephews (11 & 9) in tow, Zen and I decided to kick off 2014 with an adventure down the NSW South Coast! We've babysat plenty of times...

Zen Oasis vegetarian restaurant, Berrima

To drive an hour and a half for good food may seem absurd to some, but this is not uncommon for my mother and her friends. My Mum has forever talked about this little vegetarian restaurant, in the middle of...

New Year’s Day at Nan Tien Temple Vegetarian Food Fair

Happy new year! Thank you all JENIUS readers for your friendship, support, emails & comments, and for making 2010 a fabulous year! I spent this morning with the boy and his mother at the tranquil...

A day trip from Sydney to Merimbula

With Zen being a massive plane enthusiast, and I being the keen traveler, we were both thrilled to discover that a dear friend's hubby flew his very own plane. Not as the pilot of...

Wiseman Park Wollongong City Bowling Club

Imagine has closed From first appearances, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was just an average senior's bowling club bistro. Oh, how wrong I was! Zen's workmate DC has been a local at the club for...

A day trip to Stanwell Park Beach

I had been back to work for exactly 4 weeks and felt like I needed a break more than ever. I love Stanwell Park because the Sea Cliff Bridge is absolutely amazing to drive on and the beach is peacefully full of energy. Hand gliders were out and about... but i simply enjoyed the sand and the sun.

Coconut Thai, Wollongong

According to eatability, Coconut Thai is THE restaurant to visit... fabulous service, authentic, tasty and affordable food. So when the restaurant across the street asked us to wait 15mins to be seated, we naturally declined and gave Coconut Thai a go.

Piato Grand, Wollongong

Piato Grand sits within a shiney new apartment block and has only been operating for a couple of months. It's sister restaurant, which i've heard operates under the same name at the mall, has been running for over 3 years. This uber contemporary restaurant has all the ingredients that make it a place you would visit time after time. The specials menu was definately popular, as the rosemary quail with baba ganoush and the seafood risotto was sold out early in the night.

Cino Caffe, Wollongong

Saturday morning was cold... and that's the best excuse for a big greasy breakfast. Zen and I strolled down the street to the Mall. Cino Cafe has plentiful seats outside which was already starting to fill up at just 10.30am. We decided to step inside, away from the breeze, and placed ourselves in round leather booth chairs. The tables were slighly high... but this could have been the result of my slouching posture. On my left was a glass cabinent full of delicious treats. There were portugese custard tarts, cakes of all sorts, pasteries and more. Mmmm..

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