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Cadbury’s chocolate factory

For as long as I can remember, it has always been a fantasy to visit a real chocolate factory. My expectations of course were hyped up by films such as Charlie And The Chocolate...

Tour of Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm and an epic BBQ lunch at Saffire

The time has come for the last blog post of 2011. It has been an exceptional year of tremendous eats but for this last post of the year, there's no better subject to share,...

Arriving at Hobart

Hello Hobart. This is Tassy, as taken from JetStar plane window Driving into Hobart on Tasman Bridge Hobart Harbour View of Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania

On our second day in Hobart, it was a gorgeous clear sunny day, so we decided to drive up Mount Wellington. I was thrilled to see snow, and there was lots of it! The...

Photo diary: Salamanca Market (Hobart, Tasmania) in Spring

I've always been very fond of markets - flea markets where one man's trash is another man's treasure, farmers markets where one can meet the most passionate producers and growers, and of course, who...
Shu-Yuan-–-Chinese-Vegetarian-Restaurant, Hobart

Shu Yuan – Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant

I love nothing more than stumbling across a great restaurant. And that's exactly what happened within the first few hours of arriving in Hobart! Shu Yuan is a tiny Chinese vegetarian restaurant, hidden within the...

Wineglass To Wine Glass tour, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Tassie has to be the most under-rated holiday destination in Australia. I've spent some time in Hobart before but I had no idea what the East Coast of Tasmania had to offer when I...
Mako-Seafood, Hobart

Mako Seafood

I secretly love to indulge in golden fried foods. I simply adore the crunchy texture and the pleasant satisfaction it provides. Nothing can really beat a good and cheap fish & chip shop, particularly...

Tasmanian Huon Salmon + Smoked Salmon & Cheese Souffle

If you've ever been to Tasmania, you'll know what I mean when I say their pristine coastal waters makes Tasmanian salmon some of the purest in the world. Peter and Frances Bender founded Huon Aquaculture...

Tahune AirWalk

Yes, I am still blogging about Tasmania. It's funny how much you get up to when on holidays versus procrastination in between workdays. Anyway, despite being terrified of heights, the Tahune AirWalk was a...

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