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Scusa-Mi-Ristorante, Melbourne

Scusa Mi Ristorante

Scusa Mi was awarded one-hat in 2007's Good Food Guide. They also boast their own lavel of extra-virgin olive oil, breath-taking views of the Yarra River, and a menu which names all the finest ingredients.

Madame Sousou, Melbourne (Re-visited)

While this Melbourne trip was filled with lots of new foodie discoveries, I kept up my tradition of visiting Madame Sousou every time I'm in town. I haven't written about this favourite in a...

Coda Bar & Restaurant, Melbourne

There's something really likeable about eating lots of small dishes. From Chinese yum cha to Spanish tapas, the experience of sharing small plates of delectable morsels with friends and family is always an enjoyable...
Ishiya japanese stonegrill, Melbourne

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill

The first time I heard about stone-grilling, I was rather turned off... I had pictured a succulent piece of steak on an ordinary slab of rock. How primitive and unhygienic! Stone-grilling is actually an ancient method of cooking, adopted from the Egyptians and Vikings. The stone is heated at 400 degrees celsius, and allows you to quickly seal in all flavours. It provides a standard cooking time of up to 1 hour...

The Hardware Societe, Melbourne

If I ever open a cafe, it would be exactly like this. It would be casual and cosy with a romantic charm; there would be fabulous and affordable breakfast and lunch options served on...

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, Melbourne

This may sound cliche but I reckon I have the best boyfriend in the world. Upon arriving in Melbourne, he surprised me with a pre-booked lunch on The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. Those who 'like'...

MoVida Next Door, Melbourne

Can you imagine the disappointment on my face when I called up MoVida eight weeks in advance to make a reservation and was told they were fully booked? True, it was a busy period...
A veritable feast of dishes at Oriental Teahouse

Oriental Teahouse, Melbourne

I've always associated tea master David Zhou's Oriental Teahouse with just teas - after all, I love popping by the outlets when I'm in Melbourne, tasting their hot and cold brews. But somehow, it...

The French Milk Bar, Brunswick

Head out Brunswick or Carlton way and you would likely expect to come across all things Italian (Underbelly anyone?). Nestled just off Lygon Street however, is a café of a different European persuasion; The...

4 Days in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

Melbourne doesn’t have the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge; it doesn’t have the world famous Bondi Beach and budgie smuggler-wearing lifesavers, so what is it about Melbourne that keeps me coming back over...

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