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Teresa (Tess), is the tour leader for I Ate My Way Through Harris Park. A corporate trainer turned culinary instructor has just launched her first book, Tastes & Traditions about her South Indian culture, and also her unique business, DelicaTess, which delivers in-home South Indian cooking classes in Sydney. Her aim is to demystify Indian cooking. She draws on her diverse cultural background, family cooking traditions and her appreciation of Ayurveda. The food tours demonstrate her personality, her food passion, and knowledge on Indian food, spice and all that’s nice!

Abhi’s Indian Restaurant celebrates 25 years (North Strathfield, Sydney)

Founded by chef Kumar Mahadevan, Abhi's Indian (named after his son Abhinav) at North Strathfield has been setting the benchmark for Indian cuisine in Sydney...

What’s a Curry?

The British while in India cultivated a taste for spices. Upon their return home they attempted to create those exotic flavours that they loved...

Spice Tips

Spices originate from plants and are strongly flavoured or aromatic. Used as condiments, they have been highly prized, since ancient times for their medicinal,...

Mind Your Manners: Eating With Your Hands

Eat with Your Hands was the title of a book by a New York chef and the subject of an article in January 2012...

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