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Tianyi Wei

With French language and literature background, Tianyi believes in everything bon chic bon genre in a refined French way. Having lived in 4 countries (China, France, the Netherlands, Australia), Tianyi has a keen eye on different cultures and cuisines. Food and travel keep her going. During her time in Sydney, Tianyi has finished her Master’s Degree in PR yet still strives for enriching her food and travel stories. You’ll find her trying new and unfamiliar things all the time. When she isn’t reading with a glass half full, she can be found on the surfboard riding the waves.

说起白酒,所有我能想到就是在餐厅圆桌旁用精致的白酒杯,一杯一杯直到喝醉为止。不管你信不信,白酒这样口味重、度数高(一般在40-60度之间)的烧酒居然是世界上销售量最高的酒。当然,这还是要归功于中国的人口以及中国人对于白酒的偏爱。 Speaking of baijiu (白酒), all I can think about is getting drunk at special occasions or dinners drinking in those teeny-tiny glasses that look like...

作为每年最盛大的节日,春节给了人们一份浓得难以化开的情,一种经年酿造的醇厚的味。俗话说,民以食为天,因此,没有什么比一顿丰盛的年夜饭能更好的庆祝中国的新年了。香格里拉酒店的Café Mix自助餐厅,以简约古典的中国装饰和种类繁多的东方饕餮盛宴给我带来了非同一般的春节美食体验。 As the most important festival for Chinese people, Chinese New Year is a special time of the year for family reunions. Nothing can...