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Hot bread loaves, cooling.

Gluten Free Baking at Brasserie Bread + Recipe for Gluten Free Bread!

Gluten Free Tinned Loaf As a person who has no food allergies, I think I take a lot for granted. Gluten, a composite of two proteins found in wheat flour, is the component that provides...

Sweet Street Bakery, Parramatta (formerly Short Sweet Bakery)

The latest excitement in the land of Parramatta is Sweet Street Bakery. Part of the local council's initiative to revamp the area and turn it into more of a foodie destination, the pop-up of...
Looma’s, Bankstown

Croquembouche and macarons by Looma’s

Meeting other business owners has become a bit of a drug to me. Their drive is so contagious, I'm usually left buzzing with new ideas and goals. It is the feeling of invigoration and...

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Sydney

The budget cuts announced last week took a lot away from us as citizens. They took away our free healthcare, our equal education opportunities, our pension before we’re 70, and much much more, but...

Baking for Christmas In July afternoon tea

The Aussie in me has never experienced a cold wintery Christmas. I'm used to the barbecues, the fresh seafood, chilled fruity drinks and spending the morning watching a repeat of Christmas cartoons followed by...

Flour Water Salt Bakery, Kiama

One of the best experiences in life is walking by a bakery and being enveloped in the smell of freshly baked breads and sweet treats, which to my delight is exactly the feeling I...
Black Star, Newtown

Australia Day at Black Star Pastry and my pop-up radio gig on ABC Radio...

Not many public holidays make sense to me. For example, why do we celebrate the Queen's Birthday on a date that's so far from her real birthday? But with that aside, I do love...
The Dough Collective, Sydney

The Dough Collective

Does Sydney really need another bakery and cafe? According to the folks at newly opened The Dough Collective, the answer is yes. They seem to have found themselves an interesting gap in the market where...

Bourke Street Bakery

I love this place with passion. Bourke Street Bakery has delicious savoury breads, sourdough of all sorts and my favourite tarts.

Auburn Baladna Pastry

I've made my own baklava at home plenty of times. While it's fun mixing and matching different nuts, syrup to pastry ratio and wacky shapes, nothing beats walking into a baklava pastry store. The huge display here offers more varieties of baklava than you can imagine.

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