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Girdlers, Dee Why

The Strand in Dee Why is arguably the best beachfront strip in all of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. In most places, the beach is cut off by a horrible main road. But Dee Why is...

Cafe Giulia, Chippendale

You know what I just realised? I've been eating at Cafe Giulia for several years now and I've never blogged about it! Actually, I thought I had... But my blog archives say otherwise, if...
Royce hotel melbourne

Royce Hotel, Melbourne

For the last four days, Zen and I have been hiding out in Melbourne -another of our spontaneous holidays. I love the internet age... we were able to plan and book everything from airfare, accomodation to restaurants, all just a day before flying!
Kazbah-and-Pizza-e-Birra, Balmain

Breakfast in Balmain – Kazbah and Pizza e Birra

Options are aplenty when it comes to breakfast in Balmain, and two spots I really really like are Kazbah and Pizza e Birra. Over the last few years, Kazbah has become rather renowned for its...

WBC Bircher Muesli – Product Review

My breakfasts are anything but dull. I've never been one to eat the same thing day after day so I usually alternate between an array of deliciousness including freshly squeezed juices, cereals, yoghurts, toast...

Madame Sousou, Melbourne (Re-visited)

While this Melbourne trip was filled with lots of new foodie discoveries, I kept up my tradition of visiting Madame Sousou every time I'm in town. I haven't written about this favourite in a...

Cino Caffe, Wollongong

Saturday morning was cold... and that's the best excuse for a big greasy breakfast. Zen and I strolled down the street to the Mall. Cino Cafe has plentiful seats outside which was already starting to fill up at just 10.30am. We decided to step inside, away from the breeze, and placed ourselves in round leather booth chairs. The tables were slighly high... but this could have been the result of my slouching posture. On my left was a glass cabinent full of delicious treats. There were portugese custard tarts, cakes of all sorts, pasteries and more. Mmmm..

Madame Sousou, Melbourne

You know you're in Melbourne once you've eaten breakfast or brunch out, more than dinner. Madame Sousou is a Parisian cafe/restaurant on busy Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. They have an amazing breakfast menu which stretches from...
Pieno, Surry Hills


All day breakfast - coffee and fresh juice What I've been doing a lot of lately, is surrounding myself with other motivated and passionate individuals who have left their secure full-time jobs and are doing...

Social Hideout, Parramatta

With plenty of eateries located in Parramatta, the decision to find the perfect place to have breakfast, brunch or lunch can be quite the challenge. Most would follow the crowd towards Church Street, the...

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