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The Malaya

One of the perks of working in the service industry is free food (and booze, but I like to focus more on the food). Last night, we took one of our clients out to...

Sydney food bloggers meet up at East Ocean yum cha

It has been 2 years since my first and last meet-up with other Sydney food bloggers so I was thrilled to receive the email invitation to a yum cha meet and greet at East...
Shu-Yuan-–-Chinese-Vegetarian-Restaurant, Hobart

Shu Yuan – Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant

I love nothing more than stumbling across a great restaurant. And that's exactly what happened within the first few hours of arriving in Hobart! Shu Yuan is a tiny Chinese vegetarian restaurant, hidden within the...

Din Tai Fung, World Square Sydney

Talk of Din Tai Fung's perfect xiao long bao aka soup dumplings (or steamed mini pork buns) has been all over town. And as a result, it has been reviewed by almost every food...
Chinese-Noodle-Restaurant, Chinatown

Chinese Noodle Restaurant

I'm not sure there are many restaurants out there with a Facebook page of more than 700 fans. Chinese Noodle Restaurant is a cheap and cheery place, popular with students, grads and just about...
New-Shanghai-Chinese-Restaurant, Ashfield

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

As I'm making my way to Shanghai Night (confusingly, the dumpling / noodle house next door), a woman fiercely slides open the door of New Shanghai and beckons us to sit down. The menu was...

Buddha’s Birthday vegetarian food festival 2008

On the weekend... I found myself at the Buddha's Birthday festival in Darling Harbour. I was there for the vegetarian food fair ofcourse! The Chinese Garden Forecourt was filled with hungry families and volunteers from BLIA (Buddha's Light International Association) and IBAA (Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple).
Auburn Chinese Restaurant

cheap and delicious, Auburn Chinese Restaurant

I have found it. Fresh and cheap seafood that doesn't compromise on taste! Okay, so the service can be a hit and miss at times, but the food is casual Chinese at its best.

Rhodes Phoenix, Yum Cha

I have just discovered a local Yum Cha that is comparable to those in the City. Rhodes Phoenix is neatly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Rhodes Shopping Centre (also home to giant outlet Ikea). It is the 4th child of the Phoenix Restaurants family, the other siblings being Sky Phoenix, Hilltop Phoenix and Manly Phoenix; so I suppose it's success isn't really that surprising.
Mother-Chu’s-Vegetarian-Kitchen, Sydney

Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen

I've been working across the street from Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen the last 9 months. So I jumped at the opportunity of finally lunching there when 2 workmates mentioned that they were planning on trying something new. The elderly Chinese have a respect for this place, and I can totally understand why. They serve delicious vegetarian alternatives and the Buddhist culture is truley brought out in the casual decor, genuine service and hearty menu. Catering for strict Buddhists means that there's no alcohol consumption on the premises. Sparkling juices are prepared in replacement of wine and beer. And tofu or soybean of all shapes and textures are served looking and sometimes even tasting like the meaty variation.

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