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Chanoma-Cafe, Sydney CBD

Chanoma Cafe

Sydney's cheap eat scene recently welcomed the addition of Chanoma Cafe to Regent Place (where Azuma Patisserie used to be). Matcha green tea is the focus of the menu here - there's green tea...
Dilmah, tea, roses

The Art of Tea with Dilmah’s Peter Kuruvita

In the nanosecond world of this day and age, it’s a beautiful thing to sit back and just smell the roses. It’s also a beautiful thing that this aroma can be wafting from a...

Cadbury’s chocolate factory

For as long as I can remember, it has always been a fantasy to visit a real chocolate factory. My expectations of course were hyped up by films such as Charlie And The Chocolate...

Auburn Baladna Pastry

I've made my own baklava at home plenty of times. While it's fun mixing and matching different nuts, syrup to pastry ratio and wacky shapes, nothing beats walking into a baklava pastry store. The huge display here offers more varieties of baklava than you can imagine.

San Churro Chocolateria

Shopping in Melbourne is sensational... and every time my energy depleted, a San Churro Chocolateria franchise seemed to come to my saviour. They were seriously everywhere! Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Lygon Street, Harbour Town &...

Matcha Crawl

At I Ate My Way Through, our team are huge fans of Matcha. So we figured why not share our love for all things Matcha on a cafe crawl showcasing some of Sydney’s best...

Coffee Houses Walking Tour, Budapest

For those looking for a European summer travel experience slightly off the beaten track, and away from the selfie-stick crowd, I found a beautiful and eclectically romantic city in Budapest, with the slightly gritty...

A Galaxy of Gingerbread Stars

While I'm not religious, my family and I have always celebrated Christmas as a time to be together, share food, and give love and appreciation. Part of the fun is of course within the...

Dinner buffet at NOKA Roast and Grill, Intercontinental Osaka

In all my buffet-eating experiences - on cruise ships, in RSL clubs, school camps and the like, I’ve always found that they tend to lure you in with the spectacle of plenty - plates...
Cafe Cre Asion, Epping

Sweetness The Patisserie

For those of you who have only ever eaten marshmallows by Pascall (those packet ones you find in the supermarket), you'll be blown away by the gourmet marshmallows at Sweetness. I've been lucky enough...

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