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Zumbaron Day 2015 – Sneak Preview

It is back!!! After a long 3 year hiatus, Zumbaron Day has returned this year with over 50 flavours created especially for this special day.  We had the pleasure of tasting some of the unique...


If I were to think back to childhood movie sessions, I don't really think of popcorn and soft drink; for me, it was always the satisfying 'plok' of a straw piercing the plastic seal of...

Hello Happy, Strathfield

Last Monday would have been just another girly catch-up dinner at CeCi in Strathfield had I not discovered Hello Happy (to which I squealed with excitement). As you may have noticed, I'm a regular at...

Katherine Sabbath x Mövenpick Masterclass, Sydney

You know when Rihanna was singing about wanting “cake, cake, cake, cake”… but it wasn’t even her birthday? Well, when I think of cake, Katherine Sabbath is the first thing that comes to mind....

Christmas at home

Welcome back! I hope ya'll had many delicious moments during the break. To kick off a new year of blogging, I thought it would only make sense to firstly conclude 2008 with my family Christmas...
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The Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining, Sydney

How do you describe what’s happening at the Rabbit Hole Bar and Dining these days? They're already known on the scene for their cocktails but straight off the bat I’m going to say that...
Chanoma-Cafe, Sydney CBD

Chanoma Cafe

Sydney's cheap eat scene recently welcomed the addition of Chanoma Cafe to Regent Place (where Azuma Patisserie used to be). Matcha green tea is the focus of the menu here - there's green tea...

Waffle Waffle Le Fruitier, Japan

My posts from Japan are starting to drag on now so i'm going to post at least once a day until they're all done! Now, on to waffles... mmmm... waffles. Waffle Waffle is a chain of...
Lindt Cafe, Martin Place

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe

Chocolate is a girl's best friend... So suffering from Tuesdayitis, my chocoholic workmates and I power walked to the Lindt Concept Store and Cafe at Martins Place during another lunchtime adventure, with the hope of reviving our mentality. The store emphasized the royal nature of chocolate with glass cabinet displays, marble columns and sky high ceilings. The windows reach far up and create a heavenly atmosphere. I thought I was fantasizing, but perhaps this explains the glowing menu.

Baked pear dumplings

As much as I miss the luscious sweetness of summer fruits - lychees, mangoes, passionfruit and peaches - I always welcome the autumn and winter months with open arms. It's a time for warm...

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