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Singapore’s hawker food

Hawker food was certainly one of the highlights of this trip. For as cheap as $1, or $5 at most, you can explore the tastiest chicken in glutinous rice, satay, char kway teow, laksa... and the list goes on.

Travelling to Singapore

I'm back from Singapore & Vietnam with an extra 3kg in body weight, lighter hair (I had my roots touched up and new highlights done for less than $8 AUD in Vietnam), 5GB of photos to edit and a wardrobe full of new dresses and shoes. Yay!
Day 8 - Japan/Hong Kong

Day Eight – Japan / Hong Kong

Last day in Japan! This is the Asakusa Kannon Temple, which is also known as Sensoji. It is a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo. For lunch, we went to a BBQ Buffet. Our tour guide helped us order large abalones and Grade A and/or Grade AA Kobe Beef. Kobe beef cattle are hand massaged and fed beer to reduce their stress levels, maintain tenderness in their muscles and to increase their appetites so that they have a higher level of stored fat. As you can see below, the fat has a lovely marbled texture. The taste was amazing!
Day 7 - Japan/Hong Kong

Day Seven – Japan / Hong Kong

We spent the majority of today in queues. A cloudy day does not stop tourists! A great thing about Tokyo Disneyland in comparison to Universal Studios Japan is that the fast-pass is free! The limitation is that you're only allowed to take 1 fast-pass at a time, but each pass gives you an hour's duration to return to the venue. Later in the night, our tour guide arranged for these freshly boiled (delivered defrosted) Hokkaido Crabs to be delivered to our hotel rooms for supper. Hokkaido crabs are also known as Tarabagani or the Red Sea King Crab. The crab's meat was sweet and put a new meaning to "king" crabs... very satisying indeed!
Day 6 - Japan/ Hong Kong

Day Six – Japan / Hong Kong

Eejanaika is the new steel 4th dimensional roller coaster at Fuji-Q (Fujikyu) High Land, that was opened days before I had arrived in Japan. It supposedly translates to "ain't it great".
Day 5 - Japan/Hong Kong

Day Five – Japan / Hong Kong

Tonight, we stayed at the Royal Hotel Kawaguchiko, which had its own hot spa and was only 10 steps from Kawaguchi-ko Lake.
Day 4 - Japan/Hong Kong

Day Four – Japan / Hong Kong

Today, we arrive at Kyoto via the Shinkansen (bullet train). Kyoto has approximately 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines. The city exposes the well-preserved Japanese architecture and gardens. This is the Heian Jingu Shrine.
Day 2 - Japan/Hong Kong

Day Two – Japan / Hong Kong

Abroad the Cathay Pacific flight to Kansai (Osaka) Airport, I was fascinated to discover that there was a channel to view the camera which was mounted beneath the plane. This shot was taken a couple of minutes after take-off.
Day 1 - Japan/Hong Kong

Day One – Japan / Hong Kong

On July 17th, Mum and I set abroad QANTAS to Hong Kong for an 11 day adventure in Hong Kong (Mong Kok, Kowloon) and Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Mt Fuji and Tokyo).

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