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Marque, Surry Hills


After a series of strange coincidences involving the random discovery of connections between friends, clients and the chefs at Marque, I just knew it was where I had to take Zen on his birthday. Thankfully...

In The Kitchen: Berowra Waters Inn

At the heart of the philosophy of Berowra Waters Inn restaurant is the notion of providing an ‘experience’. Nestled deep into the bushland of Sydney’s North-West on the banks of the Hawksebury River,...
truffle; canberra; farm

Truffle Hunt and Cook at Ruffles Estate, Mt Majura

Most food lovers would have had a similar experience to me – there would have been a time, a place and something you ate that completely shifted your views on what food was and...

A Taste of France – Ile De France Cheeses

It always appears as though French culture is just out of reach, the clothes, the conversations, and of course the cheese seem to elude even the most ardent Francophiles. While dreams of attaining the ...
Rocket-Restaurant, Chatswood,


Rocket Restaurant is one of those places you always talk about revisiting. They've got a sophisticated menu and a relaxing yet stylish interior. However, there's nothing really much beyond that. The service seems to suit chatty regulars... and to my surprise, the amazing dukkah and olive oil has now been replaced with room temperature bread and butter.

5 Things You Should Know About Champagne

Over a month has passed since we welcomed 2016 with open arms. The New Year celebrations are done and dusted, but that's not to say a fancy birthday party or work function isn't around...

Madame Sousou, Melbourne (Re-visited)

While this Melbourne trip was filled with lots of new foodie discoveries, I kept up my tradition of visiting Madame Sousou every time I'm in town. I haven't written about this favourite in a...
Eat City, Sydney

French Yum-Cha at Eat City

It is always such a challenge to capture a great shot indoor, especially when it is dark. So I set my exposure... ISO at 400... turn off the flash, and on the macro, and thought I was ready. The photos turned out quite disappointing, but the food was too good not to post. So here they are... nothing a little bit of Photoshop can't fix right?

Navigating Parisian food: Flavors of Paris Gastronomic Tour

It’s overwhelming to even start planning a trip to somewhere like Paris, when a quick Google will bring up fifty million ‘must-sees, must-dos and must-eats’. And when you're including food, it's also a question...
fortyone, Sydney

Forty One Restaurant

Yesterday marked the last day of service and closure of one of Sydney's finest restaurants. I was lucky enough to have dined there not too long ago, in celebration of my seven year anniversary...

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