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RivaReno, Gelato

RivaReno Gelato – the Mama of Gelato

It’s no secret that Sydney-siders love gelato, and we have a flurry of crazy delicious storefronts to choose from – Messina, N2 Extreme anyone? On the other side of the spectrum is RivaReno, who...
brunch-at-Bello’s, Burwood

brunch at Bello’s

On this extremely late Sunday afternoon, we decided to brunch at Bello. I've been here a couple of times before and have loved their generous servings and location. It's a fabulous excuse to impulse shop, although you might not be in the mood after paying almost $10 for a bowl of wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.
The Wolf Wine Bar, Sydney CBD, wine

The Wolf Wine Bar, Sydney CBD

If Barrafina was the embodiment of modern, Spanish-influenced cuisine, The Wolf Wine Bar is its younger, wine-loving Italian cousin who recently moved in down the road. And I mean literally down the road; though...

Lucio Pizzeria – Australia’s world recognised pizzeria

In the heart of Zetland you'll find this gem of a pizzeria. Lucio has been a Sydney institution since piazziolo Lucio De Falco set up shop in Darlinghurst and now Zetland. Their real pride...
Cellini's Bar, QVB

Cellini’s Bar and Restaurant, QVB

Cellini's Bar and Restaurant offers cafe style food inside the glorious (and historic) QVB. We ordered the fettucine carbonara and a roast capsicum and zucchini melt to share... The fettucine carbonara was the perfect serving size for one. The pasta was al dente, and was intertwined with a sublime creamy pesto sauce.
Pizza-e-Birra, Surry Hills

Pizza e Birra re-visited

I've been eating a lot of Italian lately because I've just watched the entire five seasons of Kitchen Nightmares. It's weird that I always feel like I don't have enough time to do things,...

Ivy’s La Dolce Poolclub Italian Showcase Party

Picture yourself on the Amalfi Coast, soaking up rays of sunshine under orange and white striped umbrellas… Lazing by sparkling aqua blue water, endless rounds of Aperol Spritz and the tantalizing smell of Italian...
Pizza Autentico, Pizza

Pizza Autentico: Pizza and Pasta Buffet

Pizza. Pasta. Buffet. Hold my spoon, this is a feast worthy of diving headlong into! Sydney's latest addition to the eating scene is new Italian eatery Pizza Autentico, home to traditional Italian fare and...


Machiavelli needs no introduction. It's reputation has been flourished by the high rollers and politicians of Sydney and with that, expect to pay the high prices.
Pizza e Birra, Surry Hills

Pizza e Birra, Surry Hills

The establishment was hard-to-miss, though it lacked signage. The interior was airy, with large warehouse windows, cemented ceilings and basic wooden chairs and tables (we sat on the only round table). We were firstly served complimentary bread and organic extra virgin olive oil. The bread was excellent. For main's, I ordered the Maccheroni which was served in fresh tomatoes and basil. The crispy eggplant was awesome and wasn't one bit too oily.

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