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Anema e Core, Meadowbank

A small, shining spot of light and life right next to Meadowbank station at night, Anema e Core is the definition of great food in unlikely places. It’s a commendable feat to be able...
La Scala on Jersey, Massimo Mele

Breathing Italian Life into La Scala on Jersey

La Scala on Jersey has just embarked on a new chapter of their journey with their executive chef Massimo Mele, who regularly guests on the TV show Ready, Steady, Cook. Born in Tasmania and...

Champagne & Caviar at Balla Resturant, The Star

The Star is the go-to destination this Autumn, as a sponsor of the Autumn Carnival they are celebrating all things races, as well as live performances at many of their venues. In addition...

Restaurant 373, North Hobart

Restaurant 373 has closed Restaurant 373 is a relatively new restaurant that works. Local fresh produce, warm furnishings, great casual service, funky appetisers and a fabulous 8 course degustation. We started off with olives, garlic popcorn...
Cafe-Sopra, Waterloo

Cafe Sopra

Cafe Sofra Waterloo has closed and relocated to Alexandria I've been having some pretty awesome days. Some involve me being in the same room as my heroes Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki...
Kazbah-and-Pizza-e-Birra, Balmain

Breakfast in Balmain – Kazbah and Pizza e Birra

Options are aplenty when it comes to breakfast in Balmain, and two spots I really really like are Kazbah and Pizza e Birra. Over the last few years, Kazbah has become rather renowned for its...
Red Star, Waterloo - pasta

Red Star Pizza Cafe, Waterloo

Red Star is a small pizza cafe on Bourke St, Waterloo.
Il-Baretto, Surry Hills

Il Baretto

With a new home to decorate and a new neighbourhood to explore, I haven't cooked at all in the last three weeks. All my energy has been sucked into packing and unpacking, and my...
Vessel-Italian, Syndey

Vessel Italian

Since leaving the corporate ladder, I nowadays rarely dine in the CBD on a weeknight. But on this particular occasion, I was invited to check out the newly opened Vessel Italian which sits on...
Close up of Chef Manzo's Beef Ragu and Pasta

Pitt St Diner, Redfern, Sydney

There’s nothing quite like the sudden jolt of euphoria you experience when you spot your meal slowly make its way from the restaurant kitchen to your table. Not only have I experienced this myself...

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