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Champagne & Caviar at Balla Resturant, The Star

The Star is the go-to destination this Autumn, as a sponsor of the Autumn Carnival they are celebrating all things races, as well as live performances at many of their venues. In addition...

Papa Gino’s on Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne

After splurging so much on all these fabulous meals within the first few days of this trip to Melbourne, I thought it was time for a serious cheap eat. Papa Gino's on Lygon Street...
Velero, Woolloomooloo

Turning 25 at Velero

Velero has closed Two months ago, I turned 25 and there was plenty to celebrate. In between all the drama of a quarter-life-crisis, I'd resigned from my day job to pursue the free-spirited life of...
Pizza-e-Birra, Surry Hills

Pizza e Birra re-visited

I've been eating a lot of Italian lately because I've just watched the entire five seasons of Kitchen Nightmares. It's weird that I always feel like I don't have enough time to do things,...

Anema e Core, Meadowbank

A small, shining spot of light and life right next to Meadowbank station at night, Anema e Core is the definition of great food in unlikely places. It’s a commendable feat to be able...


Some time last week, I was invited to dine at one of Norton Street's new pizza joints... operated by my sister's colleague's brother-in-law. Ha! That was a mouthful... I was pleasantly surprised at the cosiness of the restaurant; the interior was long and terrace-like. The original rustic steel frames were exposed, complimenting the orange and beige hues. We sat further inside, away from the large mirrors -ensuring that none of us would be preoccupied with checking ourselves out.

Ash St Cellar & Merivale Winter Feasts

Merivale's Winter Feasts have many talking -about its irresistable value for money and its risqué adverts. It is of course the follow up to the March into Merivale campaign where Justin Hemmes first convinced...
Italian-Forum, Leichhardt

A feast before a long game of Poker

For just $65, we stuffed ourselves silly. Thankfully, all the calories were burnt off by the end of our 7 hour Poker game.

Andiamo Trattoria, Kensington Street

Starting from an empty bleak shell of a concrete building comes a piece of Tuscany brought by Andiamo Trattoria. The space is now warmed up with classical art, prints and worn out bricks hiding the...
Cafe La Vigna, Leichhardt

Italian Forum, Leichhardt – Cafe La Vigna

It's been a while since I've been to Leichhardt... and there was no better way to spend Saturday night than with a few girlfriends and some tasty pastas and grills. Parking was a breeze inside the Italian Forum carpark, which was $12 flat rate for entry after 6pm. The Italian Forum was packed with groups of families, friends and couples. It was a cheery atmosphere filled with loud conversations and laughter. The service was flirtatious but efficient.

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