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Restaurant 373, North Hobart

Restaurant 373 has closed Restaurant 373 is a relatively new restaurant that works. Local fresh produce, warm furnishings, great casual service, funky appetisers and a fabulous 8 course degustation. We started off with olives, garlic popcorn...

Caffe Sicilia, Surry Hills

Date nights have taken Zen and I to all pockets of Sydney. Depending on our moods and cravings, we'll go anywhere from having a cosy night with noodles and dumplings at Ashfield, to driving...
Cibo-e-Vino, Castle Hill

100 Mile Degustation at Cibo e Vino

Cibo e Vino has since changed management and head chefs One of the greatest joys of working with restaurants is definitely the part that involves eating. Thankfully, there are many opportunities for that - after...


Machiavelli needs no introduction. It's reputation has been flourished by the high rollers and politicians of Sydney and with that, expect to pay the high prices.
Cellini's Bar, QVB

Cellini’s Bar and Restaurant, QVB

Cellini's Bar and Restaurant offers cafe style food inside the glorious (and historic) QVB. We ordered the fettucine carbonara and a roast capsicum and zucchini melt to share... The fettucine carbonara was the perfect serving size for one. The pasta was al dente, and was intertwined with a sublime creamy pesto sauce.
Kazbah-and-Pizza-e-Birra, Balmain

Breakfast in Balmain – Kazbah and Pizza e Birra

Options are aplenty when it comes to breakfast in Balmain, and two spots I really really like are Kazbah and Pizza e Birra. Over the last few years, Kazbah has become rather renowned for its...
Rocket-Restaurant, Chatswood,


Rocket Restaurant is one of those places you always talk about revisiting. They've got a sophisticated menu and a relaxing yet stylish interior. However, there's nothing really much beyond that. The service seems to suit chatty regulars... and to my surprise, the amazing dukkah and olive oil has now been replaced with room temperature bread and butter.
RivaReno, Gelato

RivaReno Gelato – the Mama of Gelato

It’s no secret that Sydney-siders love gelato, and we have a flurry of crazy delicious storefronts to choose from – Messina, N2 Extreme anyone? On the other side of the spectrum is RivaReno, who...

Jamie’s Italian, Sydney

Not much of a celebrity chef groupie (not that Jamie Oliver is ever physically at this restaurant), I thought I was going to wait this out one. I mean, who really has the time...
Il-Baretto, Surry Hills

Il Baretto

With a new home to decorate and a new neighbourhood to explore, I haven't cooked at all in the last three weeks. All my energy has been sucked into packing and unpacking, and my...

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