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Ocean Room, Sydney

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... There's a relatively new concept that has been floating around Sydney that gives you amazing discounts off the total bill at various restaurants. I'm...

Sokyo Ramen Pop Up

American born Japanese Chef Chase Kojima has launched the new Sokyo Ramen popup in The Star casino food court. Those with a knowledge of his talents and pedigree will understand that this is a...

Tempura Hajime

Dining at a specialty restaurant that comes with a warning is a lure for foodies like me. There are places like Stra Pocha in Strathfield NSW which warn you their Korean chilli chicken dish...
Masuya, CBD

Masuya – Japanese Seafood Restaurant

Eyeblaster has finally made the move. That's right... we are in the city! This means more shopping, more food and more importantly, better food. So for our first Friday Lunch, we strolled down to Masuya. The restaurant was full-to-capacity. Note to self: must make booking next time! The waitress politely handed us a menu each, and informed us of a 5 minute wait. I salivated at all the nicely presented food that was being brought out.

In The Kitchen: Berowra Waters Inn

At the heart of the philosophy of Berowra Waters Inn restaurant is the notion of providing an ‘experience’. Nestled deep into the bushland of Sydney’s North-West on the banks of the Hawksebury River,...

Izakaya Den, Melbourne

Izakaya Den is probably the best definition I could give, for what I look for in a restaurant. It is a hidden gem in the basement of a busy city corner and unless you...
Opened 20 May, 2015

Rice Workshop, Westfield CBD, Sydney

Rice Workshop opened its doors to Sydney May 20th planting its first NSW flag in the Sydney Westfield CBD. Only 18 months after the first Rice Workshop opened on Little Bourke Street in Melbourne, the...

Ten things I loved about Japan

As an introduction to my upcoming posts on all that I ate in Japan, I thought It'd start with a list of 10 things I loved about Japan. This was my second visit and I...

Chilling out with a chilled udon and tempura on my first night in Osaka

The transition from Sydney's cold and rainy 17°C to Osaka's hot and sticky 38°C was not easy. Our plane landed at about 6pm and by the time we arrived at our hotel, it was...

Gojima One Year Anniversary, Pyrmont

Most of us are familiar with sushi and burgers but it took the imagination of entrepreneur and restaurateur Chase Kojima to combine the two and introduce a brand new food concept to Sydney –...

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