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Kobe Jones, Sydney

Kobe Jones

It's been almost a year since I've last seen Tracey. We were 'bum chums' a couple years back... and then we grew apart. So, graduated and working - we decided it was finally time for a girly catch up. Who could believe -she's entered the working life as a primary school teacher! Anyways, craving some infused Japanese food; we headed towards King Street Wharf's Kobe Jones, and were led outdoors to a romantic candle-lit table for two. We sat facing the wharf and soaked in the glorious sunshine (I love daylight saving!).
Nagoya-Yakiniku, Syndey,

Nagoya Yakiniku

This post was due a few weeks back when I was craving Yakiniku. Nagoya doesn't compete against Iwa in terms of class, style and presentation... but hey! It's a buffet. That's right -all you can eat for 1.5 hours.

Washoku Lovers Kitchen: Tanabata Cooking Class

According to Japanese legend, the lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi (captured in the stars Vega and Altair) are separated by the Milky Way – only to reunite once each year on “the evening of the...
Miyabi Sushi Bar, Surry Hills

Miyabi Sushi Bar

Miyabi Sushi Bar is conveniently located next to Crown Karaoke and only 1 minute walk from Central Station. At only $2.50 per plate every night, there's no need to carefully calculate the number and colour of plates you end up with! However, the variety was limited and the quality was only average. A relatively peaceful and cheap experience with one of the most affordable soft-shelled crab handmade rolls ever!
Yoshii, Sydney


Zen knew that there was no better way into my heart than a night out fine dining. Last week, on Melbourne Cup day, he took me out to one of my most favourite restaurants....

Kid Kyoto

Japan has always been a place of wonder and excitement for me. A few years back in Osaka, I got lost while wandering around in some back streets and ended up having a long...

Why you should visit Onomichi, Hiroshima

The typical ideal travel itinerary in Japan seems to occupy one of two types of experiences: the bustling modern concrete jungle of Tokyo or Osaka, or a temple-filled 'traditional' experience full of tea ceremony...
Day 5 - Japan/Hong Kong

Day Five – Japan / Hong Kong

Tonight, we stayed at the Royal Hotel Kawaguchiko, which had its own hot spa and was only 10 steps from Kawaguchi-ko Lake.
Ryo’s-Noodles, Crows Nest

Ryo’s Noodles

A little mishap led me to be finally endowed with a chance to eat at Ryo's Noodles. Random location, tiny restaurant, queues which stretch onto the street and signature postings by Japanese celebrities! There...
Ishiya japanese stonegrill, Melbourne

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill

The first time I heard about stone-grilling, I was rather turned off... I had pictured a succulent piece of steak on an ordinary slab of rock. How primitive and unhygienic! Stone-grilling is actually an ancient method of cooking, adopted from the Egyptians and Vikings. The stone is heated at 400 degrees celsius, and allows you to quickly seal in all flavours. It provides a standard cooking time of up to 1 hour...

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