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Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) Pound Cake Muffins

I've blabbed on about matcha this and matcha that in my recent Japan blog posts but how many of you really know what matcha is? Matcha (抹茶) is basically finely-milled Japanese green tea. Traditionally used in...
Ryo’s-Noodles, Crows Nest

Ryo’s Noodles

A little mishap led me to be finally endowed with a chance to eat at Ryo's Noodles. Random location, tiny restaurant, queues which stretch onto the street and signature postings by Japanese celebrities! There...

My shopping frenzy at the $2.50 (100 yen) Shop

While on my maid of honour duties (bridal dress shopping for my sister), the bridesmaids, my Mum and I had an hour to kill in between appointments so I decided to introduce everyone to...

Kiyomi by Chase Kojima at Jupiters Hotel & Casino, Gold Coast, Queensland

Following our first taste of Jupiters' newly renovated poolside experience, our next dinner was much more familiar. If you've read our previous posts on Sokyo's omakase degustation or the breakfast buffet at Sokyo, then...

Shoalhaven Foodie Trail: Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook, Huskisson and Berry

The Shoalhaven is a large region towards the south coast of New South Wales enviably settled between expansive coastlines and unspoilt mountains. A single road trip can take you across a variety of charming villages...

Rise – 3 year anniversary special Omakase degustation

Rise Restaurant has since changed management and head chefs Oh, the food was fabulous, I'll definitely be back. How often have you said those words after having a satisfying meal? Well, I've committed that crime too...

Sokyo Ramen Pop Up

American born Japanese Chef Chase Kojima has launched the new Sokyo Ramen popup in The Star casino food court. Those with a knowledge of his talents and pedigree will understand that this is a...
Yoshii-Restaurant, Syndey

Valentines Day at Yoshii Restaurant

I celebrated Valentines Day a day early this year because the man had a work thing on the next night. That makes this post exactly 41 days late. Nonetheless, the 'Yoshii Course' degustation was truly memorable and simply marvelous. Even just reading through the menu, I can recall the taste of the black cod marinated with blue cheese flavoured miso. Ah, and the milk fed sashimi served with forest mushroom dressing was divine also... as was the blue swimmer crab and goats curd avocado roll.

Kagura, Surry Hills, Sydney

Kagura is a new Izakaya style Japanese restaurant located on Foveaux Street in Surry Hills. Passing in front of the restaurant you will see the head of an Oni, a horned demon from Japanese...
Nagoya-Yakiniku, Syndey,

Nagoya Yakiniku

This post was due a few weeks back when I was craving Yakiniku. Nagoya doesn't compete against Iwa in terms of class, style and presentation... but hey! It's a buffet. That's right -all you can eat for 1.5 hours.

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