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Miyabi Sushi Bar, Surry Hills

Miyabi Sushi Bar

Miyabi Sushi Bar is conveniently located next to Crown Karaoke and only 1 minute walk from Central Station. At only $2.50 per plate every night, there's no need to carefully calculate the number and colour of plates you end up with! However, the variety was limited and the quality was only average. A relatively peaceful and cheap experience with one of the most affordable soft-shelled crab handmade rolls ever!

Ten things I loved about Japan

As an introduction to my upcoming posts on all that I ate in Japan, I thought It'd start with a list of 10 things I loved about Japan. This was my second visit and I...

Nishiyama Ryokan, Kyoto

I was traveling with first-time-visitors-to-Japan and although it would've been super fun to just keep eating and shopping in Osaka, I wanted to ensure that they experienced the historical beauty of Japan. So I...

Waffle Waffle Le Fruitier, Japan

My posts from Japan are starting to drag on now so i'm going to post at least once a day until they're all done! Now, on to waffles... mmmm... waffles. Waffle Waffle is a chain of...

Iwa, Japanese Yakiniku Dining Room

I've heard many positive rants about Iwa. So, during last week's APEC chaos in the city, I decided to head north with my family to celebrate some new opportunities. Oh... and let me just say, I absolutely love Wagyu.

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

I was initially saddened when I read that Cafe Ish was closing down. Mainly because it was a cafe/restaurant that I'd always wanted to go to more often, but never did. A week or...

The art of ramen appreciation with Ippudo, Sydney

I've always had a soft spot for noodle soups. Mum's pho is the perfect remedy for an aching cold and there's nothing quite like a steaming bowl of Dad's bo kho with rice noodles...

ANA Crowne Plaza, Osaka, Japan

A holiday just isn't a holiday without a hotel breakfast buffet. This is what I got to wake up to during my stay at ANA Crowne Plaza in Osaka: There were plentiful juices including orange,...
CoCo-Curry-House, Osaka

CoCo Curry House

Most of my meals in Japan were the cheap and cheerful and a highlight for me was this dinner at CoCo Curry House - a chain of restaurants that specialise in the popular yōshoku...

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